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  • westcoastdoc westcoastdoc Feb 15, 2005 11:54 AM Flag


    That's the spelling word for today. I don't think shorts will be able to play the short the conference call game this time around. Options given to Hans Schmid IMO were done yesterday to take advantage of imminent rise in share price. We find out soon enough what the news is, but do you think Paolo Cavazza is buying in anticipation of bad news?

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    • Terry,you have expressed the arrogance of liberals (they are the only ones capable of thinking)that cost Kerry the election.

    • You keep solidifying your place as an idiot. Are you actually suggesting I'm a blackguard. It is you who has the faulty vision and if your analysis of my politics is I'm a conservative then my guess is we'd all be suprised if your iq topped 100. The average for Americans and loquacious blathering nincompoops. Go back to listening to Rush, he fits your mentality and probabely your drug habits.

    • That's the worst, wrongheaded, nonsesnsical political crap I've almost ever read. You have solidified your place as a blythering, blathering idiot.

    • Wrong again Tex. Parent(not parents) was there in the early 30's. Got out through Spain then Britain, then here.

    • Sort of lesser of two evils but Gore was the lesser of those. By the way, he did author the bill that created the internet and he never said he invented it. that was one of the many many lies. Doesn't matter, almost anybody would be better than the criminals who are presently in. Not what you want to hear I'd imagine.

    • "infuriate Mia" Not at all. The ability to express your views is very important to me. Just be glad you were not born in North Korea recently or Germany in the 30's or 40's. Check that, Glad your parents were not in those areas.

    • "our freedoms"? I think you mean HUMAN RIGHTS. What you just posted would get you killed in many countrys. You had a good luck on the draw by being born in the U.S.A. I don't like the "world police" mentality any more than the next person but in my estimation it beats the alternative. 911 changed the world, hopefully for the better. Do you want China dictating world policy to your children or grandchildren. I think WE will always have enough soldiers to protect FREEDOM. At least I hope so.

    • You won't ignore me you old has-been because I'm the only thing exciting thats happened to your old pathetic existance in the last 10 years muthusala- well that is if you don't count your one erection when you were watching brad putz in the living room late one night 6 years ago. I want to see a fight between longtermsemeneater- see what you faggies will do to each other if left to your own devices.


    • Definitely lesser of two evils for me. Maybe someday when when we don't look into what a canidate did when they were 18 years old we can get truely great leaders to run our country. Leaders that don't see the world in only black and white. People with vision, that think about the cause of problems before they act on them. People that surround themselves with diversified views so they can make intelligent decisions that will profoundly effect our childrens future and the future of our world.

    • Our founding fathers are rolling over in thier graves. Whatever happened to less gov't intrusion, balanced budget, corporate crooks going to jail, etc. I guess years trying to impeach for a BJ is much more important.

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