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  • westcoastdoc westcoastdoc Feb 15, 2005 11:54 AM Flag


    That's the spelling word for today. I don't think shorts will be able to play the short the conference call game this time around. Options given to Hans Schmid IMO were done yesterday to take advantage of imminent rise in share price. We find out soon enough what the news is, but do you think Paolo Cavazza is buying in anticipation of bad news?

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    • yes buying in before bad news is exactly what insiders do!

      take a hint, sell now before something bad happens like making yourself some money! ps vote democrat

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      • Cute, did you just figure out how sarcasm works?

        When you were learning about sarcasm, did you also discover that not all insider trades are based on insider information - that, in fact, such trades are actually illegal?

        Now obviously that's a hazy grey line and all insider buying is positive. But the idea that insiders don't lose money is ridiculous. They lose money, big, frequently. Let's not get carried away with this fervent hope that the Cavazzas have illegally seen material information and traded on it. They may simply like the company.

    • "Options given to Hans Schmid IMO were done yesterday to take advantage of imminent rise in share price."

      I have to disagree there doc. As I posted below they were issued for the 2004 option grant program. Now the amount is interesting. Perhaps sales are up:)

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      • randal_p_mcmurphy. I don't like to diss you, but it seems I have to. But IMO you are wrong when you keep saying this about the 65,000 options granted to Hans Schmid...and that they were normal course of the 2004 option plan. You said a couple times:

        <<I have to disagree there doc. As I posted below they were issued for the 2004 option grant program. Now the amount is interesting. Perhaps sales are up:) >>

        As I say, i think you are wrong. But we will only know for sure if waldron & Rudolph get similar grants. why? because in March 2004 ALL regular and normal option grants were given to mgmt. THAT WAS 2004! But if you read the fine print? All those options given to ALL in March 2004 were UNDER 1995 option incentive plan! Repeat, the 1995 option incentive plan. Shareholders re authorized the option plan in 2004 proxy, and it is now the 2004 option grant program. PLEASE READ THE HIGHLIGHTS:

        <<General. The purpose of the Plan is to advance the interests of the Company by providing an incentive program that will enable us to attract, retain and reward employees, consultants and directors and to motivate such persons to contribute to the growth and profitability of the Company. These incentives are provided through the grant of stock options.

        Authorized Shares. A maximum of 2,500,000 of the authorized but unissued or reacquired shares of our Common Stock may be issued under the Plan. ... However, no more than 2,500,000 shares will be available under the Plan for issuance upon the exercise of incentive stock options....>>

        Now Randal. REGULAR mgmt options were given in MARCH 2004. Then in September 2004, THREE special option grants were given UNDER AUTHORITY of the 2004 plan.....which shareholders AGREED TO 2,500,000 SHARES IN OPTIONS TO BE ABLE TO BE GIVEN (maximum)! These options in september were unique and unusual. They were given to Rudolph, Waldron and Schmid for the work they would undertake by assuming duties of Don Sellers between the three of them. I believe there was a $50,000 cash bonus payable to Waldron and Rudolph as well,as they stayed on, and that was payable in Jan 2005.

        SO? GEt it Randal? The SCLN B.O.D. has 2.5 million shares of options they can grant under the 2004 <<new approved>> option plan. In 2004 (march) they were still issuing under the 1995 OPTION plan. That changed in the shareholders vote of 2004.

        NOW, further....the timing of the option grant to Hand Schmid is WRONG....IF it is as you say, a normal option grant. WRONG. The normal mgmt option grants HAVE ALWAYS every year been given around MARCH. NOT in early february!

        I was aware of everything you said. It is a pain to always have to explain. but IMO, the 65k options to Hans Schmid were granted under a 2.5 million share plan....that will last for YEARS....and in that plan they can award SPECIAL grants, outside of normal timing, for superior performance. IMO, Hans Schmid has done something superior. I pray he got the Japan data from SGP.

        You really missed it randal. Go back to the fine print on ALL other years optins grants from 1995 - March 2004. They were all 1995 plan, that expired in early 2004 and was re authorized in 2004 voting as ne 2004 option plan. 2.5 million shares total. <<<Anytime they want>>>.

        I also pray that Waldron and Rudolph get NO options anytime soon. That would mean all mgmt is paying themselves, and NOT for one singular deed by one person, Hans Schmid. I want Hans to get 65k options for delivering SGP data to SCLN mgmt.

    • Well that's good - but Sno and Doc and others are assuming they've *SEEN DATA*, or *HEARD ABOUT A PARTNERSHIP*, or something like that.

    • "infuriate Mia" Not at all. The ability to express your views is very important to me. Just be glad you were not born in North Korea recently or Germany in the 30's or 40's. Check that, Glad your parents were not in those areas.

    • Best post I've seen here in weeks. All the useless "scln is my hero, I'll wait til 2009" posts are pure junk. Something smells of fraud with this stock. (Beyond the R. Kirk inside info selloff 1 day before the first crash and just weeks after the $9 to $6 dive)

    • It is not mindless, as you say, myinvestor....that I engage randal_p_mcmurphy in a legnthy discourse on teh option plans and timing of option grants. It is paramount to try and figure out why Schmid got them now. You do NOt get out of teh ordinary normal course option grants for doing something wrong. IMO, a good deed by Hans Schmid was rewarded.

      You say:

      <<Come on, you can't tell me the BOD needs a reason to grant themselves options.>>

      Excuse me, myinvestor. I am NOT talking about teh Board granting themselves options. I am very specifically interested WHY one single executive was singled out to get 65,000 shares. Got that? Next?

      << It would beat the hell out of all this mindless drivel about nothing. >>

      It is not mindless drivel. If we can get a handle on why Hans Schmid got so many options, out of normal timeframes....then, will have an edge that ans Schmid did something out of the ordinary course that was very good for SCLN....and thus shareholders.

      feb 23 will tell me a lot. For Schmid to get 65,000 he had to have done something. No one else has gotten any.........yet. I am on hands and knees praying that Hans Schmid finally cracked SGP into giveing us the needed Japan documents. That would warrant 65,000 share special option grant, imo.

      You are mindless not to understand what just happened with Schmid.

    • I was born in 51 so for me the 50s were stickball and tackle football without pads. The 60s was my era. Came to S.F, in 70. Been here ever since. My politics were formed by my parents and the sixties. Pretty similar to yours. Lets hope after 4 more years of our dictator we still have soldiers left and our constitution is still intact along with our freedoms which seem to diminish by the day.

    • You won't ignore me you old has-been because I'm the only thing exciting thats happened to your old pathetic existance in the last 10 years muthusala- well that is if you don't count your one erection when you were watching brad putz in the living room late one night 6 years ago. I want to see a fight between longtermsemeneater- see what you faggies will do to each other if left to your own devices.


    • Here here!!!!Was friends with the Hallinans(the real Terry, not the one on this thread) during the Sixties, as well as Willie, the Burtons, Live in New Mexico now. Have had three bills introduced here by conservative republicans to 1. Make marriage legal only between a man and a woman. Killed in committee. 2. Make it more difficult to get a divorce and REQUIRE counselling before a divorce to be granted. Being debated. 3. Wave marriage liscense fees to encourage marriage. So all the conservatives, as is their wont, regardless of what they claim, want into my bedroom, my marriage, etc. They want Gov't, sort of like the Islamists, to reflect their particlular religious view of the world, and screw the consititution. God help us all. Don't really think much of the constitution is now left other than the second amendment. Study just out by UCLA that 3/4 of all HS students don't believe in first amendment, don't think newspapers should be able to publish info that Gov't doesn't agree with and that by and large they disagree with much of what the constitution says but they don't know what it says unless told. Heil Hitler. Imagine this will infuriate Mia, semi, sno, th and others. Too bad.

    • Well I grew up in NYC then(50's) also. Went to Charles Even Hughes HS down on 18th & 9th. Went into the service in 56. My memories are of gang fights, mostly with knifes, sharpened garrison belts, pipes, etc., with a zip gun here and there. Lot's of drugs, lots of fights between PR's and Whites and Blacks.
      So I also believe(sort of) that Z works and will be approved in spite of these crooks who run the place. The one thing I do have a problem with in what you wrote, along with myriad others on this board is the advice that if you don't like what one thinks they should sell. Why don't all you "analysts" mind you r own business. Most of us who are unhappy in fact do have the intelligence to determine our buy sell signals. Other than that what's with the sentiment of SELL, if you are so convinced it will work? Even I don't put that down as my sentiment particulalry as it is not a reflection of what I currently believe. Though if the Japan data are ot published soon, and every single other thing they've said will soon happen doesn't, I'll certainly rethink that position.

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