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  • gmbart2 gmbart2 Jun 7, 2005 6:42 PM Flag

    Back from the meeting

    My next message will detail what I thought. On the votes all passed but the no votes ranged from 5.6 million to 8.6 million. After my next message I will try to answer any questions. I sat next to redward for the meeting and I am sure he will also post.

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    • Cavazzas were not selling into the rally. Any 10% stockholder is subject to Section 16, which means any profits on trades within a 6 month period (whether purchase and sale or sale and purchase)go to the company.

    • it is my understanding that as a 10% owner they must hold for 6 months before selling


    • before mkt opened i said volume would be wild and good chance of a wet blanket from scln pr.

    • does anyone think they were selling into this rally?

    • Steve, I can only recall that I have been searching for something on Australia and melanoma and Zadaxin for a year or so on the "net", and I finally decided to try to contact melanoma researchers in Australia via email. I did so and the results were as posted in my last post. I don't think that there was ever a serious, on-going, melanoma trial with "Z" in Australia. Steve

    • I'm sorry I didn't take notes on this. Rudolph said there was one Doctor working with Z. I hope redward has a better recolection of it. I have not read that much about the Australian trial. I knew I could only ask a few questions so I tried to go with the most important.

    • Pense2,

      I believe that the trial with Z and dendritic cells was to have started in 2001. It was very experimental and a last ditch effort in very sick patients (as stated in one conference call a while back) and my guess was that nothing panned out so they dropped talk of it like so many other things. I can tell you that there was definately a start to it but what happened to it after that is anyone's guess. Do you remember that character that posted under the handle of "homersimpson" or someting like that? He also posted something about it. He started by saying "a little birdie told me..." That is all I have to say on the subject.


    • I am long on this stock, so I do not post bad news that I find out. (We have enough of that shit, without longs contributing.) I was in e-mail exchanges with a melanoma researcher in Australia last year (summer 2004). They did not know of any clinical trial for Thymosin alpha 1 and melanoma that had been held, was currently being conducted, or was planned. I don't think that there was, or is, a clinical trial for "Z" and melanoma in Australia. I hope someone proves me wrong. Pense

    • regarding the earlier account of the AGM:

      "The Australian Melanoma trial did not seem to be significant. Rudolph explained how that trial was done but it was above my understanding"

      Can either of you guys, or anyone else, give more detail on this ??

    • gmbart:

      What was reported on the Australian melanoma trial ? Anyone know any details, such as size, sponsor, placebo-controlled, blinded, etc ? And of course results ?

      Previous melanoma trials, although small, had been very promising.

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