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  • gmbart2 gmbart2 Jun 7, 2005 7:09 PM Flag

    Back from the meeting

    1- Ira our new CEO presented himself as a straight shooting, well spoken, honest man with integrity. He was extremely enthused about joining SCLN and the next 6-18 months are going to be exciting times for all of us. He said he easily could have stayed where he was making a great income until retirement. He had several job offers but joining a co. finishing a phase 3 and hopefully filing for approval within 9 months with a drug with multiple applications and another SCV07 soon to begin a phase 1 was an opportunity he could not pass up. He was also excited about marketing other companies products in China. He plans on doing extensive traveling and promoting our co. and its products to the in vestment community. He has a great voice, a sense of humor, background in getting approvals knows how the FDA works and what they want and need for approval. I believe SCLN made a great choice. Sorry for my spelling and slow typing more to come.

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    • Sellers. I jumped on them on this one. I was sitting in the first row so I was 10 feet face to face with them. There were 4 other long term shareholders there. Present were Ira, Rudolph, Waldron, Schmid, Woodman, Tuthill, McBeath and the lead attorney representing us with our Japan fiasco. Waldron, Woodman and the lawyer answered this one. Sellers was given 2 years pay with perks. He is not being paid 500k a year as a consultant but when contacted will recieve 2k a day or 300 an hour. I reiterated the question again and was told he is not getting 500k a year for consulting. They pretty much said he is out of the picture.

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      • Japan fiasco. I asked them how they could be so irresponsible as to not realize they were missing important documents until they were ready to file. Waldron tried to answer this one by saying they assumed all the paperwork was there. I told him he was not getting paid to assume anything and millions of people will die because of his assumptions and our share price plumeted. If I were running this company he would be fired. I also told them to stop the deceit and lying. We were led to believe the delay was due to reorganization of the Japan FDA. It was all nonsence and BS. The lawyer stepped in at this point and said hopefully we will get what we need or we will do what we need to against SGP. Without the data from SGP Japan is dead for Hep B. They did say if approval comes in the U.S. for Hep C they will try for approval in Japan for Hep C. using U.S. data.

      • Thanks for your straightforward info on the meeting, keep it up.

    • thanks for your report on the meeting.
      was anything said about the japan fiasco?

    • Your efforts in attending the annual meeting and reporting back your impressions are very much appreciated.


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