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  • cynstew_1 cynstew_1 Jun 9, 2005 10:34 PM Flag

    Cavazzas want $5.00

    So the buyout rumor was a hoax--don't assume that Cavazza will just stand by and watch the share price tank tomorrow---wanna bet that they will jump in and buy like crazy to support the share price....and pick up some bargains from weak hands?

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    • Thanks , pennywise , but my crystal ball is as clouded as they come. Otherwise , I wouldn't be banging around in an old pickup with 200k + miles on it. I'm hoping my prediction of SCLN's success proves right , however , which will take care of that problem and many others :-)

      I really didn't think management would time the SCV-07 IND announcement to bail out the Cavazza's. As Sno said , it would be a dumb move PR-wise , and it would have been all too obvious what was going on. I do believe the recent filing might well have been timed to soften the blow of Russell exclusion, and I don't see anything wrong with that. After all, they got it done in the first half of the year, as promised. And by not mentioning indications , they save some juice for later.

    • take a look at your post #100302--your crystal ball is pretty darn clear!

    • Thanks kathy yes i'm in at a loss-but did trade some shares this week and picked up some to add to my long position did ok actually.have followed this board 3-4 yrs.kinda know who's who and who to believe.just started to post now.cannot add anything like ya'll know about this co./drug but learning a lot.hope to do well long term w/this stock.also i don't type too good.thanks for all ya'lls informative information.uncc79

    • I've tried options in the past and have always lost money on them. For me the only reason to buy an option is for insurance and then I expect to lose the premium.


    • excellent, and I wish you well with your investment in both of these companies; I really believe that AMLN and its drugs will do well in tx diabetics; recently decided to try options(calls in particular)for the fist time ever, and picked up some for Oct/Jan, realizing I could lose that money, but for the small amount placed on that bet, the upside potential looks good to me.

      Before the run-up in price here, had attempted to buy some real cheap Dec calls but none became avail so did not get any; oh well, for me I have plenty of shares ready for the further upside.


    • When I was in Scios, it also dropped after approval so this drop in AMLN was not unexpected. I recently bought 2000 shares of AMLN at 15.70 and will probably buy more when sales start coming in.


    • you may have a great point there SSK; not to sell anytime soon; I was perplexed when AMLN got their 2 drugs approved for diabetes recently and the stock lost 7 bucks or so. The shorts swarmed because they thought sales will take time to come in.

      With Sciclone, once approval comes, they can say, 'sales are already coming in, in fact have been coming in for a very long time, in about 30 other countries!' :)

      Besides, SCLN is alot cheaper(and much smaller market cap) than AMLN.


    • good morning and welcome to this message board...sorry you are in scln at a loss...most posters seem to be, unless they added on this dip. The short sellers have control of this stock and need to be respected. the insider buying is real and I am following it. Yes I own a lot of this stock. Being a chartist I got on this board because most of the information from wall street is a lie....the short sellers who post here are typical of this so you have to put them on ignore once you identify them....the posters who love this stock find every tiny bit of scientific information which is published and if you go back and read all of berthas posts and sno you will know it all.zadaxin will either be a blockbuster drug or it wont...all indications are in increases efficacy and will, for many viruses which rspond to a boosted immune system..My belief is that once approved it will be used for all sorts of viral problems. It is not a magic bullet to kill a virus... It helps the immune system fight off a virus which includes many forms of cancer....Traders live on this board and should be ignored. the play is a long term investment and an ignore of short term swings. I have bought the stock put it away. and am waititng to see if Sciclone makes it. I have a profit in my stock and have been adding shares. Once this option related trading is over the stock should settle down and wait for results from the phase 3 hep c study and the melanoma study. We should all pray this works, not just for the profit, but for the millions of people who will be helped by Zadaxin.....It may be the next mega stock like dell or microsoft as it has the potential.It is not the type of stock to be short but then the shorts are making a fortune on selling all these litle companies whose market they can control....Then again the tests may fail..why not just wait and see and ignore the doubts the traders post to scare you out of your stock....thats what makes life pays your money and you takes your chances...If zadaxin is proven.................never never sell your stock. I really dont know anything.. I am a chartist and I like thie Sciclone chart. Listen to the smart people on this board and hope you and your family never get a bad diseaze but if they do hope that Zadaxin will save them when given with their regular treatment.

    • The gist was they were getting inquiries about the C brothers massive buying. Waldron gave a great answer. Sigma is a private co. and other than filing form 4s they don't tell us why.

    • Wow gmbart...really?

      Do you remember the gist of the "interesting story"? Just curious :-)

      Also, I owe you a personal "thank-you"--I've been a lurker here for months and always found your posts informative. And the reporting back from the annual meeting was just great--you rock!

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