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  • deltoromd deltoromd Oct 5, 2005 2:57 PM Flag

    I've got proof... :)

    Quick background... I know a thing or two about routing, IP addresses and the internet. I have access to some pretty cool tools. All I need is an email address and i can find out what IP address the users are comming from. Voldifart and Windfarter are the same person. Unfortuantly for him he allowed both email addresses to be viewed as public. (rookie mistake) Hell, i can tell what city he is in... LOL As for Wounded he seems to be a little more on top of his game. His emails address is private (way to go, proves he got a little experience doing this). Doesn't change the fact that I can find out what the last server hop IP address is before hitting his username. Guess what? Wounded's last hop email server is in the same City as Voldifarts aka Windfarter.... Hmmmmmmm buddies perhaps????? Oh well.. Had my fun for the day. My expertise tells me for sure Vold and Wind are the same person and Wounded did a $hiTy job of teaching his buddy how to trash a stock... LOL..

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