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  • hackndeb hackndeb Dec 12, 2005 10:51 PM Flag disrespect.

    but we already have a "partner" over in Italy. In fact two of them.
    Appreciate your input and have an OT question for you.

    Is a stock with 85% ownership held by the family a positive or negative in your opinion? Thanks.

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    • Bertha, thanks for everything you have contributed. Its funny you mention Gilead. One of their collaboritve relationships is with Fujisawa Ira's old company I believe. More interesting is Gilead is located in Foster City which is about a 50 yard field goal away from Mariners Island. They are neighbors. Maybe there is a block party coming up. Thanks to all the great people on this board. Start shooting Ira. May the force be with us.

    • I went to SCLN in San Mateo 5 years ago.Spoke to Shawn Singh and saw D. Sellers.Bought 5 more thousand shares when I got home.I remember this.Gilead loves our drug Zadaxin.

    • >>> Gofish and others.Iam a man. <<<

      Oh Geez ! You wouldn't believe the fantasies I've had about you and SSK. You just screwed up my head real good , bertha , you bitch ! Rather , bastard !

      I won't hold it against you though. Wait , strike that. I can't really be mad about it because you contribute so much to the board , so I'm glad you're here , male or female or any combination thereof.

      I will kill myself though if Sno turns out to be a woman.

    • no we don't hack.....the deal SCLN has w/ Sigma Tau is like a 50-50 joint venture. I heard that. SCLN still has a huge stake in sales there. SCLN dsid NOT sell off AZ rights to Sigma Tau for a 9% back royalty. SCLN rreatined LARGE LARGE rights of European sales.because Sigma Tau PAID HARDL ANYTHING TO GET THEM! they maybe gave SCLN a few million $$$. and they paid for most of trials. REMEMBER! SCLN GAVE $$$$$ TO SIGMA TAU TO HELP PAY FOR TRIAL!

      Sigm aTAu is NOT a partner how you think at all. You all would be surprised at how that deal is cut. IT IS NOT normal percentages. I got that 4 years ago from SCLN.

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