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  • snogreen snogreen Dec 15, 2005 9:29 AM Flag

    Did you buy BTM, TC?

    Another thing. How many times did I beg you and everyone to suscribe to BioTech MOnthly. It was a mere $149. I begged and urged you all to. Just for the SCLN info. In their reports they laid out all teh beras side and thier own quetions in spades. I subscribed and reall all they had. I subscribed a good number of days before the news. I could have hedged, like WCD did. It was all laid out.

    IT WAS YOUR DECISION...TC not to subscrineto BTM.not anyone elses. YOU decided it was not worth $149. I begged you to subscribe to read for yourself. I told you how impressed I was. I told you they were the Wall Street experts on SCLN. They had bull and bear case laid out clear. BUT YOU chose not to get BTM. You pinned all your hopes on some hit and run MB visitors like cacrawfish? And you think teh discourse with cacrawfish would have saved you?

    ohhhhhhhh man.......wake up TC and smell the coffee. You screwed up. I screwed up. But I dug and dug. You just sat and opined and complained....and still do. I bet that if you read all the BTM stuff LAST WEEK........and if you spent the $149? I bet you too would have hedged. I did a bit, but I rode the gamble. And I don't cry. You do.

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    • they just ripped this thing into tiny little pieces unfortunatly for shareholders why would you buy it? i really expected good results from zadaxin,i mean they are going for approval only for like the last 10 years! i cant believe this happened! :( good luck to you all but imho they now have nothing and not worth a gamble here at all unless mgmt proves otherwise..

    • I've had a very cautioned buy sentiment here which changed intraday Friday. Without getting into the details, I could be wrong but,
      SCLN may have some modestly strong resistance, getting over $2. I am bullish, long term and do expect some positive developments from China
      as you've mentioned. The conference call also left room for optimism for the first Qtr of '06.

      All that said, take a look at CMGI. I went long there Friday. Always and obviously do you own research, some of mine and what I've read at the CMGI message board 405040, 405020, 405134, 405137 and be sure to take notice of their cash/debt.

    • I guess you didn't see the news release on Sigma-Tau's positive results in their phase2 malignant melanoma trial?

      Zadaxin is not a bust. When used with Pegasys and Ribavirin it can cure non-responders. It cured Carol Spence whom i met at the 2003 annual meeting.

      Ira's near term "ace in the hole", additional revenues from avian flu announcement. Just a wish, mind you.

    • why so little pre market? The downdraft(crash) won't be finished until $1 range. The company and its lead compound was a bust and company does not have enough cash to fund the creation of a new company. Still holding less than half of shares for no reason that I can articulate.

    • Enough already the investment ( gamble) was a loser. Continue to post your constructive thoughts but get past the nastiness and shift into a mode that demonstates a modicum of class. Your thoughts are respected but at this point( at any point in time) your viciousness serves no purpose. Lighten up man almost every regular long time poster absorbed a loss. Don't rejoice in our losses. In your own words everything that goes around comes around. In the end we all end up the same whether you carry a 2 handicap and have all the toys the ending is the same for everyone.

    • As usual, you go off in all directions in your attempt to divert attention away from the point I made (and have been making for some years now): that it is best to permit all viewpoints, pro AND con to one's own position, in order to make wise decisions. How many times did you criticize me for "engaging the bashers," for example? How quick were you to defend your turf and drive off insights we might have had from Adam Walsh and Mr. Ross? And it turns out Walsh and the bashers were right all along. Why you still have a following is beyond my comprehension, but I still have much to learn about human nature.

      The bottom line is that you don't have the courage to look in the mirror and see the flaws there. Debating you has been a lot of fun, even though, when you deliberately misquote others in order to set up a straw man argument, it has also been irritating. I assume I will have fewer and fewer fantastical theories of yours to debunk, which is a good thing--fewer lemmings will be led over cliffs. I'll miss our debates because I liked helping people and it has been a pleasure to deflate such a pompous buffoon as yourself (one of MY character flaws, I suppose!).

      One last observation. I seem to recall you posting 1x that in real life you are a mild mannered person. I suspect that is mostly true, because if you had the guts to treat people in real life like you think it is appropriate to do in cyberspace you would have had the crap beaten out of you on multiple occasions and would have learned your lesson.

      We reveal ourselves to be whom we truly are when we think there are no consequences for our actions. A message board is a fascinating opportunity to study human nature, particularly after something either very positive or negative happens. You learn a lot about others (and pense, if you're reading this, I'll e-mail you as soon as I can figure out how to get my name off my yahoo address. But the answer to your question to yourself is "faith"). Tc

    • You dug and dug, wasted $149 and screwed up 100 times more than Tc. Now you berate him for not wasting another $149. At least this time he made the correct decision. You on the other hand not only lost your shirt on this POS but wasted money buying a subscription whose advise you chose not to follow.
      If I were as dumb as you I would at least have the decency to shut the f up and stop berating your lemmings.

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