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  • enmd98 enmd98 Dec 16, 2005 6:18 PM Flag

    Melanoma Data

    You are paying very little for a drug that blew interferon away in the Melanoma trial ,control dtic+low dose interferon 75 patients 3 response 3.9% VS high dose 3.2 mg of Zadaxin +dtic 85 patients 11 responses 12.9 %.Interferon has nasty side effects not Zadaxin.Scln will get Orphan drug status 7 Years Patent protection.If 6.4 is better Scln will Fly.

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    • <<Another piece of roadkill far more than made up my losses on SCLN last week. IDEV is running like a greyhound. IDEV has probably had highs and lows that would discourage the hardiest of SCLN shareholders<<

      Well, Idev was once the darling of the Biotech
      Monthly gang and so was for me. I bought IDEV around $3 and cashed out around $6. Than the proceeds of this deal went to increase my stakes in Dendreon, IDBE and Sciclone.

      IDBE was my best call so far. It was a Slam Dunk. Well, afterwards one is always clever.
      By the way remember Sir Holler ? Do you know where he is posting now ?

      My other big hope is DSCO - I expect here a very similar story as IDBE: relativ low risk with a successive huge upward movement.

      good luck

    • Sciclone reminds me of the early days of rocketry, when the rocket scientists kids learded to count like this by listening to dad.

      Oh S**t!!!!

      The combination of things was not quite right.........yet.

      I was too early.

      Some comments.

      "You wrote things like ZZZZzzz nad stuff saying you were sleeping through it because you had full confidence and stuff about good news."

      I still have full confidence.

      "You also wrote things like 6 days to caver and stuff."

      I think that number is much larger now.

      "Snogreen suggested the people to do so they be drunk and wake up late and not be able to sell their shares while he DUMPped it?"

      First of all, anytime anybody sells some stock, are they "DUMPping" it? I would like you to answer that question.
      Snogreen still holds some shares. He is knowledgeable enough to see other opportunities in the market, coupled with the fact that he has been here much longer than myself. I can understand his patience factor wearing thin. I suspect that he will be back.

      "If you took Snogreen's advice and drank and fell asleep, I think you were robbed by an old man instead of a young female prositute. I hope you didn't kiss him and stuff before you fell asleep."

      You're one sick pup.

    • "What do you want me to do?"
      I really don't feel that a public message board is a place for me to state that.

      "If the stuff is ineffective as shown in this failed Phase III, do you want me to lose my time and money paying for it while there are other drugs I could try?"
      1) It is not a drug. That is like saying insulin is a drug, or adrenaline. It is a synthetic version of a naturally occuring hormone produced by the human body.
      2) I think that if you didn't try it, you would lose more than time and money.

      "Why do you even suggest that?"
      My apologies, I don't want you to try it.

      "Is that because if I tried it, even though it is not effective, as Sunshinekathy says,(paraphasing) money is money even if the drug don't work?"
      1) It is not a drug, see above.
      2) Yes, by itself, it cures very few diseases, but I believe that in combination with other therapies, it makes those therapies very effective. We will find out in about 6 months.

      "How much is this drug anyway? I thought I read someplace that it's like $7000.00 per PoP."
      You can buy the counterfeits a lot cheaper.

      "If I had those things and needed a drug to try, I think it should be found effective in U.S. since I am an immigrant. If I lived in Cambodia or Pakistan or places like that then I might think differently though."
      1) It is not a drug, see above.
      2) Are you saying that the people living in those places are smarter than us?


      scha�den�freu�de d , happy).]

      n : delight in another person's misfortune [syn: Schadenfreude]

      schadenfreude \SHAHD-n-froy-duh\, noun:
      A malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of others.

      T-180.....and counting

    • and then there is peg zadaxin to come as well!

      And that other drug SCV has been successful in trials as well, the drug that Sciclone got for a song from Verde Pharm from Russia, I believe.


    • May not sound or look like a significant difference but ...

      Q. Is melanoma a serious disease?

      A. Nearly 75 percent of all skin cancer deaths are from melanoma. Advanced melanoma spreads to internal organs and may result in death. One American dies from melanoma almost every hour (every 68 minutes). If detected in the early stages, melanoma usually can be treated successfully.

      Q. How many people will develop melanoma this year?

      A. It is estimated that there will be 105,750 new cases of melanoma diagnosed in the United States in 2005 � 46,170 in situ (noninvasive) and 59,580 invasive (33,580 men and 26,000 women).* This is a 10 percent increase in new cases of melanoma from 2004.

      In addition, 7,770 people are expected to die from melanoma � 4,910 men and 2,860 women. Invasive melanoma is the fifth most common cancer in men and the sixth most common cancer in women.* **

      Let's see ... 12.9 - 3.9 = 9% x 7700 = 693 lives in the US alone. Go figure ...

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