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  • VIAGRA1 VIAGRA1 Sep 23, 1999 11:53 PM Flag

    I'm back

    Hello all. Haven't looked in here for quite
    awhile. I was waiting for just such an announcement.
    Lookin' good. Price is right as well. Gotta let it calm
    down a bit before jumping in again. Never got rid of
    my old shares. Been taking some heavy hits over the
    past year with this one. But, I agree, things are
    slowly taking shape. I think they will have trouble
    maintaining the cash flow on their own. But, forget Hep B and
    C - remember the mentions of AIDS and cancer
    fighters. That's where the needed funds will come from.

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    • May get them funding to get them through, but the
      profits will be in Hep treatments. There is lots of
      competition in AIDs and the Cancer stuff is a long way off
      IMO. Dumped some shares of a loser stock I was in to
      grab some more shares today. I had been hoping it
      would rise a little, but figured SCLN would be taking
      off soon with the announcement and the next 10Q. Long
      on Sciclone!

    • drug for Lupus real soon. Fast track.
      Bought SCLN last week. Bought GNLB 3 weeks ago. Also
      CTII for Stem cells.

      All look good for HUGE returns.

    • not older -- but wiser.

      Keep the faith,

    • I am not wiser, just more frustrated. I become
      more frustrated every day. This stock did nothing
      besides trade between the bid and ask all day.

      far as keeping the faith, I have lost that a long
      time ago. I have not seen this company hold onto a
      gain ever. Why is this? I really wish I would have
      sold mine for $2 1/2 when it went up last July.

    • comparing SCLN stock with drying paint is funny
      but fully correct. Things like patents for a
      procedure that investors are well aware of are nothing to
      move the stock price significantly. And it doesn't
      catch the attention of the public. The longer I'm in
      investing into stocks the more I become convinced that you
      can distinguish between two major types of

      1) Let's call them "sleepers". A company has a nice
      story, one or more promising products, sustained growth,
      but nobody cares. The company can release as many
      sound press releases as their PR department can write
      but absolutely nothing happens. SCLN is such a stock.
      Another excellent example is BLTI.

      "In-favor-stocks". For some reason the public gets on fire with
      these stocks. They are not going to earn any money
      until the year 2016 or so. They just have a sexy story,
      nothing else. Maybe even the entry bar for competition is
      extremely low. Don't worry, it simply doesn't matter.
      Worst: Those companies with very little revenue and
      absolutely no earnings have market caps up to several
      billion dollars. AMZN and other "internet plays" are such

      I don't know why stocks fit into one or the other
      category but I know that this assessment ("sleeper" or
      "in-favor") is not going to change.

      If the company is
      not buyed out there is just one thing, believe me
      only *ONE* thing that can change the world for those
      "sleepers" forever: PROFITS! Once those sleepers come up
      with their first profit, the street has to realize
      that they completely missed out on this one. A rapid
      run up in price follows. Excellent example is LCAV.
      They posted rapid growth quarter after quarter, yet
      their shares plunged to a low of 15/16. Shortly after
      LCAV posted its first profitable quarter they ran up
      to $14. BEAM is another example for an

      So I am 100% sure: The frustrating picture (for you)
      is not going to change until something spectacular
      happens. "Something spectacular" could be:

      excellent CPX results (could turn out to be short
      - a buyout
      - a profitable quarter

      see short term peaks at best until one of those three
      things happens. I'm going to wait for


    • You are holding out for 1/6 point? You feel there
      is no short term gain to be made? Are you just
      seeking 1/4 gain on the stock? I bought this stock
      thinking it was going to go up. I didn't think I would
      have to hope for a 1/4 point gain on this stock. Now
      it is so frustrating to see it go up slightly (3/32
      one day and then give it back the next day. Even with
      the patent information we didn't get much rise from
      this stock. At this point it is very frustrating for
      the people that have held for >1 year. 30,000
      shares is too much to have tied up this stock when it
      was constantly a average down battle. Now all it does
      is hover around 1 2/3 or 1 1/2. At least it is
      finally above $1. Only problem is most have bought at
      higher prices than that. I dearly hope for all the long
      term investors that this stocks give a little rise.
      And by that I mean more than 1/4 point. That is just
      for the day traders. Most would still be in the red
      with that little gain at this point. If you are happy
      with a 1/4 gain then by all means hold out for 1 1/2
      and buy. Wish my average was that low. That is the
      way the game goes though.

    • Didn't expect to be up 56% a month and a half after getting in but I'll take it! Institutional buying is excellent sign for such a small small cap.
      Good luck longs and go SciClone!

    • be Oct 21st or 22nd if past report dates are any

      The biggest hurdle for Zadaxin before USA or Eurpoe
      approvals is Hep B phase 3 trial being conducted by partner
      Schering-Plough in Japan. This trial started in early 1998. The
      phase 2 Hep C trial started in late 1997.

      (drug for Cystic Fibrosis) phase 2 results should be
      announced in few months.

    • Up 9.62% with good vol.(about 80,000 shares more that 30 day ave.. Maybe 3rd qtr revs excellent??

    • Is actually Zadaxin approved in Italy?
      of mine is badly in need for medication for Hep
      He is in Europe willing to travel to Italy. Anyone
      out there knows any other drugs for Hep from any

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