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  • VIAGRA1 VIAGRA1 Sep 23, 1999 11:53 PM Flag

    I'm back

    Hello all. Haven't looked in here for quite
    awhile. I was waiting for just such an announcement.
    Lookin' good. Price is right as well. Gotta let it calm
    down a bit before jumping in again. Never got rid of
    my old shares. Been taking some heavy hits over the
    past year with this one. But, I agree, things are
    slowly taking shape. I think they will have trouble
    maintaining the cash flow on their own. But, forget Hep B and
    C - remember the mentions of AIDS and cancer
    fighters. That's where the needed funds will come from.

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    • Didn't expect to be up 56% a month and a half after getting in but I'll take it! Institutional buying is excellent sign for such a small small cap.
      Good luck longs and go SciClone!

    • Excellent Troutk1 - as I said, I am happy for you
      all. I better start consulting my 3 year old daughter
      and my 5 year old son. Good luck SCLN longs. Maybe we
      can all learn more from our children. I know they
      amaze me every day. On a more serious note, progress in
      curing/controlling cystic fibrosis would be fantastic. It's time.

    • Yea tha's right. My daughter (genius that she is)
      bought scln (although she is only five) at $1.50/ share.
      She is up 20.83% in a little over a month (maybe
      more). I think the CEO of this company is correct and
      this stock will be substancially higher in the not too
      distant future. I see a great upside here. They are
      selling the stuff and that is creating a stronger and
      stronger bottom line and then we just need that one big
      story and we are out of here...stratosphere. Trout

    • ...I expect SCLN shares to pop nicely on positive
      CPX results. In fact I think they could peak easily
      at $5 or more. Depends on media coverage, should be
      announced on a quiet day without any major takeover,
      Greenspan speech or things like that. Remember, there is
      absolutely no cure for cystic fibrosis (or Mukoviszidose
      like it is called in Europe) and CPX could turn out to
      be a major breakthrough here.

      Concerning the
      Schering-Plough trials, I don't expect such news to have a short
      term impact as big as excellent CPX results. Yet it
      could have a better lasting effect since this would add
      to the top and bottom line, CPX does


    • Troutk1 - you may be up 20% (and that's great -
      I'm glad someone is doing well here), but you must
      admit that most long term holders of this stock are not
      up at all - in fact, many are down big. Come on,
      this stock can't even hold $2 anymore. So, yes, it has
      been like watching paint dry for most of us. I stick
      by my analogy. That said, I agree with you that
      there is promise here and that is why I hold on. It
      sure would be nice to get to the $4 or $5 range
      though. Just a few years back this stock was always above
      $6 and even popped to $15 or $16 for a short while.
      We need some positive news and earnings growth. Good
      luck all.

    • I called the company today and it looks like the 21st of Oct.

      Investqwest, you own stock in Qwest? Another of my should have's.

    • According to info I recieved from Microsoft Investor the reporting date for third quarter earnings is going to be Oct. 18th.

    • Don't worry, it will change. This is a stock for the long term. Thanks AMIGA you were right on 4th 00

    • Since I bought this for my daughter's account it's up 20% in no time at all!!! Great promiss here. trout

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