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  • Myread Myread Oct 21, 1999 10:24 PM Flag


    1- We are above our 50 and 200 day moving average
    for the first time.

    2- We are being placed on
    the map my Red et. al.

    3- If we have
    a -.03 up from -.26 a +.23 upward move. Therefore,

    expecting a +.20 for next quarter is not
    unreasonable. With a
    a reasonable 20 P/E that would values
    this at $4.00 a 15 P/E will yeild $3.00.

    The stock is doing well in a down market.


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    • There never was a patent in China. SciClone has
      patents in USA, Europe and Japan For Hep B and

      Zadaxin is a very complex drug to manufacture and not
      easily copied. More importantly, drugs from western
      countries are much more acceptable to consumers in
      countries like China than drugs made in their own country.
      Western quality is highly trusted in drugs.

    • I think this means that a company in China can make thymosin and sell it it China. The Chinese copy all sorts of products from computer software to drugs.

    • Just a guess but the selling pressure probably
      from our "benefactors"(read as equity investors. They
      are not here for the long haul and are probably
      making excellent money selling for 3/8 or less of a
      profit. It is just part of the game.

      new that i know of. Phase 2 results to be known in
      first qtr 2000. I did see that gene reasearch for
      Cystic Fibrosis not going well for some competitors(this
      makes CPX even more important).

      I think we are
      about due for a new approval or two for Zadaxin. My
      wish list is Brazil, Egypt or India.

      consecutive quarters of 25% qtr over qtr revenue growth and
      we get little movement in price. Very Frustrating.

    • Floorless convertible is an instrument which does
      not carry a specified conversion price.Many small
      companies which can't raise capital thru other means and
      need badly cash to survive will go out and issue this
      kind of short term bonds.Once the convertibles are
      issued, the holdes of them will do anything to bring the
      common stock to the ground by shorting the stock.this
      way they can convert their bond for millions and
      millions of shares.
      Most of the time they take control
      of a co. for 4-5 mil dollars.Geotek(GOTKQ) had to
      issue 400 mil.shares to cover a $4 mil floorless
      convertible. Needless to say,they went broke.

    • Thomson I Watch shows total trading for today
      approximately 65% was by institutions ... hope that helps

    • I don't know which of my major stocks get
      manipulated more, CPWR or SCLN. Hold on for a long ride and
      don't count on making any more $ for a while now. I am
      hoping that a good quarter will give the stock at least
      a little pop. Of course the way it being
      manipulated who knows.

    • Can any boby identify who is selling institution or private?

    • I believe this is a convertible equity that gets
      sold to an investor that is convertible at somepoint
      into issuers stock. The reason for the term
      "floorless" is that the lower price of stock goes during some
      predetermined time period the more stock the buyer can buy w/
      his convertible thus further diluting the stock. The
      preferred issued in April 1998 I beleve was such a
      security. The purchaser drove down the price of the stock
      by heavy shorting than converted into more shares
      when the stock hit rock bottom to cover his shorts and
      make a handsome profit at the company's and other
      shareholders expense. I don't think the last deal done by the
      company utilized this structure as they learned their
      lesson the hard way. However you might want to confirm
      that with the co. or someone else on this board who
      might know structure of deals done during summer. I do
      believe co. has gotten much wiser about financing.

    • the selling pressure hitting SCLN on Friday and
      Monday? Good news is that stock held up and managed to
      close higher on Monday? Also any thoughts on status of
      CPX? Short position of over 1 million shares!!?
      anything else affecting stock. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • Please explain what you mean by "floorless convertibles"...

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