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  • Draftcard Draftcard Jan 11, 2000 10:34 AM Flag

    San Francisco Conference

    I think we are headed lower...

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    • Can anyone with technical expertise figure out where the bottom might be? The last two analysis had us going up today. Such is not the case so far.

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      • You are correct, there is more then one
        conference going on right now, however, Biotech Bay 2000 is
        a lot smaller than the H&Q conference. H&Q has over
        200 presentations, Biotech Bay has fewer than 20.
        There are more Wall Street firms at H&Q than at BioBay.
        And you mentioned that SciClone is busy preparing for
        BioBay, well there are 6 companies presenting at both

        That being said, I like SciClone a lot.
        Word on the street is that Zadaxin is more effective
        and less expensive than Biochem Pharma/Glaxo's entry
        into this field, and works on more indications. This
        can only mean good things for SciClone. After all,
        people in Asia will be able to get a better drug for a
        lower cost. Is there anybody who can confirm this?
        Also, has anybody done a cost comparison between
        Zadaxin and the compatition?

      • I've had this stock for 3 years, I'm mad I didn't
        buy more at $1.00..this level is another great buy
        opportunity for the ride up.. who the hell knows why this is
        moving downward I'D BET BEER NO ONE IN THE WORLD HAS A

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