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  • weda_IL weda_IL Feb 28, 2000 8:58 PM Flag

    supergrit33 - exposure,sales & 13

    To my belief, since they focus on the far-east at
    first, the western countries doctors are less familiar
    with it. I assume the mexican grant will cause a
    change in the US (from patients asking doctors), and in
    Europe-the italian grant is relatively new, but will get
    more & more attention. These things takes time. Still,
    20% quarterly growth is immense!
    I understand S&P
    companies present 6-7% annual growth, Nasdaq hi-techs:
    around 20% annualy. And this tiny SCLN presents a
    quarterly 20% ?!
    I'm not sure they could even handle a
    faster growth rate. I don't think Amgen was born in one
    day as well. These things take time.

    I don't
    know chineese or any of those languages (french is
    enough) ;) so can't learn from far-east websites how much
    this drug is recognized there, but the sales speak
    pretty clear.

    Now rethink on those classic
    majority of bio's, with poor to no sales at all, now
    suddenly getting the FDA, and are starting from scratch,
    with no marketing experience.
    These far-east sales
    should help SciClone US sales, when they're granted. It
    isn't an easy task to build a national marketing
    infrastructure, ask AMAZON...

    The $13 as a wall? I recall
    having SCLN at 7-10 just not a long time ago (and the 10
    was a barrier, even I noticed that), so can't deduce
    anything from a day or 2 - but I don't pretend to know
    about TA, for that this board has some really good
    posters, really, a great board. :)
    From the little I
    do know, I understand the increasing "low of the
    day" I noticed in SCLN is a good parameter. So be it.
    I'm not complaining. ;)

    supergrit33: we're in
    the same stumble ship! :)
    I research the bio
    arena (I think every investor should have at least 1
    bio stock in the coming decade), looked & read about
    various companies, going from one link to another,
    happened to tumble on SCLN, and "ahorka!" :)

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