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  • Stryker75 Stryker75 Mar 17, 2000 6:51 PM Flag


    SCln has had marketing approval in countries
    other than China. Yet China accounts for nearly all of
    their sales. Is the company pursuing these countries
    where they ALREADY HAVE marketing approval? How about
    wealthy Italy? I believe marketing approval happened some
    time ago there. Sure, China has lots of people, but
    the average income is very low.

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    • It takes time to penetrate a drug into market
      (just remember that in many other bio's, where they
      look for US FDA, and don't even dream on building a
      marketing force). SciClone has it already, and enhances it
      worldwide. China is one of the earliest, thus most sales are
      from there.
      About average: you know people can
      drown in a pool with average 20 inches deep...
      assume the (small) amount of welthy people in China is
      bigger than all Italy. Numbers in China are out of this
      world. Not all sales come from there, most! and its %
      from total is declining. 85% is the number I have
      regarding 99Q3. Be happy to see new released marketing data
      (if not company confidential).
      Partnerships with
      Schering-Plough in Japan & Sigma-Tau in europe are primarily to
      address these marketing issues.

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      • You're absolutely right regarding the numbers in
        China. Out of 1.2 billion people they have an upper
        income class of around 100 million that is continuing to
        expand quite rapidly. This does put the Chinese eligible
        market in the comparable class of a large

        Another thing we can't forget is that some government
        sponsored medical services will also pay for some
        treatments in the general population.

        Anything that
        is marketed in China simply has huge consequences
        because of the sheer numbers that country has. Plus,
        China is in the midst of an economic explosion which
        will only increase the marekting prospects and revenue
        for SciClone.

        Cheers and better days ahead.

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    • I do hold SCLN, And we may make
      money, Big $$?
      but, If you are rich or
      poor , Their drug should go
      to anyone in need. HELL if it will make 1 or 2
      people feel better i will sleep good, Dont care if stock
      price goes to

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