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  • ratn0007 ratn0007 Nov 15, 2007 8:33 AM Flag

    3Q 10Q late

    3rd Q 10-Q to be filled on November 19th

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    • Lets hope so.If so it would be a blow out year.We will see.Till tommorrow.

    • I could live with 1 million hope its better but that would be at least decent. My guess is that gets them .07 a share or so.

      We will find out tomorrow.

    • Very good,I am being a little conservative with no exacts myself.I understand you preception on the backlog and recurring rev.I am just saying I dont believe all 4 installs will be lets just say put on the books this Q.I am hoping your right its hard to tell but I guess 2 will be billed and put on the books to be shown this q.If it comes in at 1 million this Q it will be great.But they have got to get that .059 eps to keep ttm at 13eps.So the stock can trade at a mut. compared to growth rate.

    • According to the Q they have 4 installations in progress this Q.

      "At the end of the second quarter 2007, the Company has inventory in stock and in process adequate to supply its installation schedule for the coming 3rd quarter, and had active system installations in process in 4 casinos."

      I realize this is not new language of course.

      Where did you see its only 2? Did I miss something in the Q?

      I am figuring on roughly the 1.4 million revenue number yes. I can't say for sure because the size of the installs has a big impact on the actual revenue per install. They also have 3 more installs from last quarter that will generate new recurring revenue.

      This is obviously inexact. I don't have magic visibility into whats going on. I am inferring here. I know they have added employees as recently as this quarter and their backlog has been growing. I am assuming they will fill a similar percentage to last quarter especially with the new employees there to help.

      First time I talked to them which was during the quarter I couldn't talk to the CEO because he was at a casino opening. That tells me they had completed at least 1 at that point.

      You seem pretty sure on the install count. If you have info please share it. I am quite interested in anything I can get.

    • Whats your quarter rev prediction?

    • No no 2 system install for this comming quarter.Are you saying they are going to bill 1.4 miiiion this quarter?Its all when they receive the cash.

    • They won't need anywhere near their whole backlog to do .09-.10.

      I think filling 1.4 million would be more than enough. Keep in mind they also have a recurring revenue stream from existing installs so the 1.4 million is likely conservative.

      I know they have added a developer or 2 so expenses will likely be a bit higher unless they capitalize some software development costs.

      I don't think I said anything about 21 systems???

      I do know Thunderbird has I think it was 35 casinos and they have a bunch more scheduled for the next 2 years. The way their agreement with thunderbird is expressed makes it sound to me like thunderbird will eventually use tabletrac in all their casinos. That is what I am expecting anyway.

      At $800-$1000 a position plus recurring revenues that could be a big revenue stream for them over several years.

    • not saying anything really....just stating that fact. I expect these guys to have a really good quarter.

    • This sucks, I've been waiting in anticipation all month. I wish these clowns would at least do a press release to simply announce their results now and then file Monday.

    • so what, it happens all the time, what are trying to say?

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