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  • metrodavef metrodavef Jun 3, 2014 11:39 AM Flag

    Energous Versus Cota

    Surprised I didn't get a response from my post about Cota. Here is the score card as it is known today.

    Cota claims they have a device that charges through walls up to 30 feet. Cota is privately held and it seems to be all about 1 guy (Hatem Zeine). They also say they are licensing the tech out but they have not said to who. They also claim to HAVE 4 patents covering their tech (not patent pending).

    Energous says that Ossia (owns a product called Cota) HAS 4 patents and that Energous has filed 37 patents . So Energous' patents are pending but Ossia already has 4?

    Does Cota have base enabling patents to the tech?
    Ossia loudly demonstrates their tech (although bulky) but is quiet as a mouse about who they are currently licensing the tech to. Why? If they were licensing it to a big player I doubt that would stay quiet as there would be rumors in a big way as this is hugely disruptive technology.

    Energous went public, is putting together a solid board of directors that includes the co-founder of Broadcom, have signed 2 entities to JDA's (both Korean). Energous says they had a total of 4 MOU's to date so one can only assume that 2 moved from the MOU phase to the JDA stage (the 2 Korean firms). Who are the other 2?

    Technologies to date do not compare. With Inductive charging the phone must sit on a pad and the pad must be plugged in. With magnetic resonance the phone must sit within 2 inches of the source which must be lugged in (this is touted as being a "drop and go" charging method allowing for special flexibility - wow 2 inches). MIT stated several years ago using magnetic resonance at larger distances is hugely inefficient.

    I have not been able to find a shred of info that big established tech firms are working on a similar method. It seems that Ossia and Energous are the 2 kids on the block that have disruptive technology. WHY THE HELL DON'T OSSIA AND ENERGOUS GET TOGETHER AND ROCK THE WORLD. THE TECH IS SO BIG WHY NOT JOIN FORCES VERSUS COMPETE.

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