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  • plez1 plez1 May 22, 1998 10:24 AM Flag

    files shares

    In layman terms what does file share registration mean. Just when I begin to think I understand this stuff, they throw something in like this. Is it supposed to mean postive or negative.

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    • Chart bought Cryenco last July. Certain Cryenco
      owned warrants to buy their own shares at some fixed
      Those became warrants to buy CTI shares. In order for
      warrants to be exercised, the CTI shares have to legally
      This registration is creating the 89,000 or so shares
      to cover the exercise of those warrants.

      see this often with tech companies that register
      shares to
      cover all the options they have granted
      employees (you can't
      cash in options if there are no
      shares to convert them into).

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      • From a little reading of the 10-K and most recent

        Concern has been expressed that backlog was lower at the
        of 1998's first quarter than at the end of 1997's
        fourth quarter.
        This was also the case in 97Q1 vs
        96Q4, 94Q1 vs 93Q4, and 93Q1
        vs 92Q4. In '95, Q1
        backlog was up $9.4 million vs 94Q4, while
        in '96, Q1
        backlog was up $1.9 million (less than 2%) vs

        I don't know if there is some simple seasonal
        explanation for
        this, but it does appear that a decline in
        backlog during the
        first quarter is not out of the
        ordinary for CTI.