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  • mossyrock_man mossyrock_man Sep 26, 2008 7:05 PM Flag

    Article From Seeking Alpha

    There is an article from Seeking Alpha that talks about AWP. Here is part of the article:

    During my recent stock research I have come across of a couple of investments that are paying dividends in the neighborhood of 20% per year. In normal times, stocks with these kind of yields are big fat warnings that something is wrong with the security and the high payout cannot be sustained. The current market, however, has punished the good along with the bad without discrimination, and many issues are seriously undervalued. I believe the following two issues have a strong possibility of maintaining and even growing their distributions over time and deserve a look.

    The first security that pays 20% is not an individual stock, but is a closed end fund. This issue is the Alpine Global Premier Properties (AWP). AWP holds listed real estate stocks with a global perspective. The emphasis of this fund is international real estate, with over 80% of its holdings outside of the U.S. The portfolio appears to be well diversified with over 130 holdings.

    The Alpine closed end funds do not use leverage; all payouts are earned income, not return of capital. The share price of the fund has been eroding on the double hit of global financial crisis and general weakness on most foreign stock markets. At the current pricing and yield, I think is an attractive if very speculative income play. The AWP shares currently trade at a 16% discount to NAV and the monthly dividend provides a 21% yield.

    To see the full article, go to Seeking Alpha and then do a search for AWP

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    • Seeking Alpha also had an article on Jun 7th that touted the fund. Glad I didn't go out on Jun 9th and pay 12.99 a share

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      • This fund is made for re-investment of the dividends it generates without doubt. Certainly right now is not when to load the truck and hope the overall slam the world markets are taking now will level off. These boobs who think they are experts at everything(the politicians who got us in this mess with their regulating and manipulating)are just begining the latest round of rip the shorts off the taxpayer. IF the boobs had done the right thing for the country and tax payers, they would have repealed Sarbanes Oxley which would allow for accounting that would not show all these institutions as being close to going under or gone under. So now we have our FED, buying up equities that are priced at $1.00 but paying upwards of $2.50 to $3.50 for them with the expectation that they will appreciate to that level. Stupidest thing I ever heard of in my life. Buying something for 2.5 to 3.5 times its worth. But hey what's a couple trillion dollars of some poor saps(us taxpayers)money between friends(the politicians and fed reserve and treasury). Can you believe that they are just giving Paulson 700 billion dollars with almost no oversight? AND when we get our new president that Paulson will more than likely be replaced? This means the other half Paulson won't get to play with will be in the hands of someone we don't even know yet? And if Obama wins the election, goodbye to anything resembling a retirement portfolio. Dividends=taxed to nonexistence. Capital gains all but wiped out from taxes. These are your 401k and IRA's....or rather what will be left of them come November. I wouldn't buy anything till after the election and wished I had sold everything last Friday. But to bad sooooo sad, I was out of town and had no computer access. so now I feel stuck and hoping for a modest uptrend here in the next couple days. I hope so. Next up-the free market collapse that will sink China so quick they won't know what hit them. Actually the real deal is this: The dollar will go up against all other currencies except the Yen. All the other currencies have their prime rates too high and will be forced to lower them inthe coming days. With the dollar at or near the lowest it can go this leaves only one direction for the dollar to go when the other currencies move their prime rates up in order to hold off their inflation in their countries. that 's the money tip for the year. A no lose trade right now in currencies. US long against the pound,krona,francs,euro,chinese whatever it is, but not the yen. No YEN. Now go make money.

    • Agree.........

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