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  • success19730000 success19730000 Jan 2, 2009 5:30 AM Flag

    All closed end funds, are not closing

    Everyone got hit this year. We all are back at ground zero. The stock market will take years to recover.
    The people still in the market, lost alot of money. Where did all of the money go?
    Real estate is down and will continue to go down. The best thing to do is weather the storm.
    Look at the bad news still coming for the stock market==> Retailers, more bank failures, Energy companies, commodities, etc.
    Best investment is a job. Keep working.
    Just wait till the oil companies report their earninigs, I bet they miss big and they will fall.
    As for the Auto bailout, what a joke. Let them fold until they realize that their inventory is not going to move until cars cost about 10K not 20 or 30K.
    First what car is worth 20 or 30K? None of them.
    Second who can get a loan for a car at 30K? No one.

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    • Dont know what 2009 will bring for sure. But I disagree about the auto industry.

      Think about the fact that cars DO wear out and that 1/3rd of new car sales are for rental and lease, which virtually must replace annually or semi-annually. New car sales cannot continue to plummet forever so I'd guess that by the end of 2009, new car sales will be back at pre-collapse rate. If I'm right, there is tremendous upside potential in owning, say, Ford.

      Only my opinion, of course.

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      • Car sales will not get back to pre collapse rate for several years. The last 25 years spending has consisted of job income plus debt creation and goosed the economy way too high. Now and for the forseeable future spending will be the result of fewer jobs providing income MINUS debt service. Debt creation has gone away.

        I am an optimist. The market will survive and have an upward bias for many years but the world will learn to live on less.Less oil, less Starbucks coffee, less travel etc. That is not all bad. We can all have a very good life with less. People piss away more in a day than many in the world live on.

        Things change. Believe it or not I am a Republican who voted for W. both times but suported Obama this time. I became embarressed by the way things were being run. I am looking forward to an America that is more efficient and common sense oriented that will keep greed in check and replace it with a common decency and appreciation for the life we will have in the future.

        My 2 cents in the new year. Good luck to all.

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