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  • afshin_jones afshin_jones Jan 24, 2009 12:03 AM Flag

    Is it a good time to get into AWP?

    I would like to know if it is safe now to buy some AWP shares now? it is kind of low and I don't think they will decrease the dividents anymore. Maybe is a good time to get into it and wait another 1 or 2 years and hopefully get a good return by then. what do you guys think? or do you have any better suggestion? Thanks in advanced.

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    • You were right on all counts.

      Now we just need to get them to start raising the divi. Not were it was, but a little higher would be nice.

    • anytime now - but most of us have been in since the $17 range. They would be better off using their money to hire capable management rather than spending $100k on their glossy prospectus that tries to explain how lucky we are to be losing investors.

    • I have owned this one for a year and it has tanked like all other stocks, except for a handful of short ETF'S and a few others.

      I have been reinvesting the dividends and don't need the dividend money right now, but believe real estate will eventually come back. When? Who knows as anyone who says they can time the market or individual stocks are full of you know what. But with money markets basically paying 0% interest and real estate being the black sheep of the investing world now, I think it is worth a shot with some of your money.

      I have been turning to reinvesting dividends for awhile and it does take the sting out of downturns but not entirely, and most people don't have the nerve to buy after a big drop but that is where the big money is made. This way, it is automatic and you get more shares when it is down.

      Most of the negativity on this board is from people who got burned and didn't think stocks go down, ever. All REIT's got whacked last year. If I am wrong over the next 5 to 10 years, I'll move on and not constantly complain up here. Don't put all of your money in one sector as you probably already know. Good luck.

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      • the_great_prognosticator the_great_prognosticator Mar 23, 2009 3:34 PM Flag

        Getting your feet wet now is a sensible move. Buying some now, and adding on the way up is a technique that can provide a sound investment over the long haul. One never knows where the bottom is, especially with a Commie president, but this country will survive, especially if enough of these moron Demoncrats are ousted in 2010.

      • I strongly agree with the previous message, and commend its content. I think to answer the original question, I will have to say the same: Put some of your money, and guage the market as time goes on. I think AWP is a good long term investment as less new homes, malls, and office spaces are being built right now, and thus REIT's will enjoy the same cycle we had in the 90's and early 2000's...

        Imagine yourself in 2020 with 10,000 shares of AWP that you accumilated this year, where the share price reached $20.00 and paying 12% at that level (that's $2.40 a share per year),,, That is euivelant of an annual div. yield of 75.00% for you since you bought all of those shares back in 2009 at $3.00 level. Have you seen the movies back to the future? You are now in it and the market is providing a tremendous value for you to change your present in 2020...... Good Luck again.

    • NO!

      Wait until year end to see if the economy turns. Only if AWP drops below $2 is it a buy right now. Near the end of the year take a look at AWP and NRO. If the economy starts to recover, so should they.

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      • Got into NRO, NOX, and AWP (yea, even though different funds, all my eggs are still in one basket) last fall at almost these same levels. This ain't fallen much more (despite the upcomming commercial collapse which I think has already started) and I've collected almost 20% of my investment so far in divis. Getting paid almost 15% to wait out this recession aint bad. Beside, when the financials pop, these CEF's tend to pop also in-case you want to get out.

        Of course, you could get 3% in a 2-year CD!

    • Keep your cash in your pocket.

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