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  • patroutman patroutman Jun 16, 2009 1:56 PM Flag

    Dividend will stay the same all this year

    Per the call last night they will keep the current divident in place until end of 2009. Then they may look to restore the dividend, well maybe not restore it, but look at increasing it.
    They were pretty upbeat on being able to beat this sector as well as what the future holds, however, they just couldn't get a feel for the dividends.
    Sam L. stated that he thinks companies will be ever more preassured to pay steady and responsible dividends going forward as a display of their commitment to share holders. He went off on how pure growth plays leave too much at the mercy of the company. For example, companies that bought back their stocks back at very high prices now look foolish, where they could have used that cash to pay dividends to the share holders...
    They have no idea why this is at such a discount and said they will continue to buy shares on the open market.

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    • Thanks for recap...(I had many interruptions during the call, including an electrical storm that booted me off).
      I recall one slide that had Europe in a negative posture re population, may years out yet, BIC and North America had good positive forecasts.
      Given yesterday's NAV and todays current mkt at around $4.45...that is a discount of some 22%...with a yield of +8%... I am a strong believer...

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      • I don't know how to get the detailed info on most of the portfolio since it is largely non US however I would think that the stocks would be paying well north of 9% in todays uncertain global environment. Do you think that they are keeping the dividend the same from a conservative standpoint? Maybe the $ weakness has something to do with it? I recognize that the portfolio is non leveraged.

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