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  • noquit4me noquit4me Jan 12, 2010 9:53 AM Flag

    Increased Dist.

    As per msg today AWP increased dist. 10% --- heading in the right direction even though small. I'm looking forward to all comments.

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    • With a 16% discount, this one is safe to turn on the Etrade DRIP for, unlike AOD/AGD. I know that prevously, AWP was buying back shares, but with the lower yield, the punishment on stock price is not going to subside any time soon. Having gotten in in the $3's, I'm not complaining, but you got to be wondering if bigger divi increases are comming sooner rather than later, or someone may just buy the fund and dump it, or convert it to a OEF.

      Anyone else thinking this way?

    • I forgot to add that I am ROYALLY PO'd at both myself and AOD's management.....because they postponed the future div rate announcement from the publicized 2/18 date to today instead (as of Wed they said it would be on Monday).

      As a result, I sold all my AOD prematurely, missing out on both today's increase in pps of nearly 5% PLUS selling prior to the ex-div date (yesterday), costing me even more money, to the tune of a total 8%! Muther effers....good bye and good riddance, Jill.

    • I too have looked into the Alpine funds and the pay-outs and this is the only one (at this time) that I'm actively investing in. I just can’t pay a premium to NAV with the discounts to be had.

    • I added a decent sized position in AWP to a third account today.

      I started out @5.30/ share in the first account and have liked what I have seen ever since.

      Stock went public in 2007 at 20/share
      and made a low below $3 before turning up.

      RE equity securities investments in about 80 positions in 16 countries make this an income and cap app investment IMO.

      The divi increase from .03 to .033/month came earlier than I expected, was less than I expected, and was not in line with the recent Seeking Alpha article I read.

      But the direction is right and this gives me more time to acquire a full position in the stock.


      I am long AWP.

    • Big deal. a third of a cent. Meanwhile it's down 3 1/2% today.

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