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  • maggy_94928 maggy_94928 Nov 17, 2010 5:36 PM Flag

    Why the high volume today ?

    Why the high volume today ?

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    • just guessing ...( really )

      But ...AWP has published a very large SPECIAL DIVIDEND towards the end of December in the past ....

      The "group think" may be that Alpine will wait until the first week of December to declare another one ..with a pay date very close to the announcement, trying to discourage the always present dividend hunters from just "flipping" the fund...

      Therefore makes sense that we will see some big volume days in late November and early December....

      just a working thesis ...lets see if it plays out ...

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      • I dunno about that special div....this was released this morning, doesn't mention any special div like last years $0.266 bonus, which raised the yield for a middling 5.5% to a very nice 11% overall. The data below is from Morningstar, for some reason CEFConnect doesn't show the special divs (?).

        Year | Income S/T | Cap Gain | L/T Cap Gain | Return Cap | Total
        2009 | 0.6256 | 0.0000 | 0.0000 | 0.0000 | 0.6256
        2008 | 1.1964 | 0.0000 | 0.0000 | 0.3240 | 1.5204
        2007 | 0.8114 | 0.0000 | 0.0000 | 0.0755 | 0.8869

        Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund Declares Regular Monthly Distribution for December, January and February
        Last update: 11/19/2010 9:00:00 AM
        WESTCHESTER, N.Y., Nov 19, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The Board of Trustees of the Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund (AWP) announced the same regular monthly distribution for December, January and February as in the past three months:
        Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund (AWP): $0.033 cents per share
        Since its inception, April 26, 2007, AWP has declared $3.49 in total distributions.

        From CEFConnect:

        Current Distribution (Monthly):
        (As of 11/18/2010) $0.0330
        Avg. Earnings Per Share:
        (As of 4/30/2010) $0.0348
        Annualized Distribution Rate on NAV:
        (As of 11/18/2010) 4.72%
        Total Return on NAV (12 months):
        (As of 11/18/2010) 18.91%
        Avg. UNII Per Share:
        (As of 4/30/2010) -$0.2367

        I noticed that reh-rho negative UNII back in June of this year and emailed Dan Plettner of SeekingAlpha about an article he wrote on Alpine's funds (, and one in Jan ( where he recommended AWP.

        I had sold AOD and bought AWP with the proceeds back in Feb of this year when I became convinced AOD was going to implode (it did, but a little later than I expected, which is when Plettner wrote the second Alpine article, the one in June). One of the reasons I bought AWP was because it had positive UNII at the time, was earning more than it paid out, and had the special year end divs, so the sudden appearance of negative UNII was a real shocker to me.

        Oh hey, just went back and read all the comments to Plettner's article and found this gem!

        He's bailed on AWP...I may join him if we don't get a Dec bonus this year....there's lots of funds out there paying double AWP's div....PPT, PHT, HYB, for instance, which I already own.

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