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  • jshasky Sep 4, 2011 8:50 PM Flag

    Alpine all the way What you have to look at is what do you want this fund to do. It is difficult to have growth in this environment right now dividend payments are good way to reinvest while the NAV is relatively low. If you go to the above link you can find out more about this fund and other Alpine funds.They discuss a probable special dividend later on this year. Alpine funds are for the long haul. They are smart in what they do. This not a quick scheme investing. You must diversify and these funds are good at tapping into the world at large.

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    • alpine funds are pretty much a joke. the mgmt team cannot pick stocks or sectors when it counts and they often screw up the dividend payout - don't cut it when it needs to be cut and increase it when it shouldn't be increased.

      here is an example of how AWP mgmt did with the bucket of money used to pay the dividend on AWP. the bucket of money is the NAV, see symbol XAWPX for the NAV.

      here are some data points:

      Q210 nav 6.81

      9/23/11 nav 6.19

      divs paid from Q210 to 9/23/11 .55

      let's just say that the bucket of money started off at $50,000. that buys you 7,342 shs at the price of 6.81 over a year ago. assume you collected the dividend in a savings acct. now you sell the shares at 6.19. how do things look ?

      the $50,000 investment is now $45,448 so you've lost 9%. the good news is you got dividends of $4,009 so net loss is only about $500 or 1%.

      so pretty much a break even deal for the mgmt team.

      if one had invested $50,000 in RWR for same period:

      17% total return, $8,500 profit.

      if one had invested $50,000 in RWX for the same period:

      16% total return, $8,000 profit.

      RWR is US based real estate and RWX is intl, basic ETF's.

      what confuses people is they buy AWP and don't focus on XAWPX. if XAWPX doesn't stay flat or go up, AWP will eventually go down. i saw this same exact thing with AOD and XAODX. the main difference btwn the two is/was AOD was trading at a premium to NAV while AWP is trading at a discount. so when the levy breaks, the damage won't be nearly as bad as it was with AOD. but don't get fooled by the share price of AWP in terms of mgmt investment performance. that is measured by analyzing XAWPX and it isn't looking good at this point.

      anyone holding this should sell right now and roll into RWR and RWX.

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      • rsp55 Sep 29, 2011 6:07 PM Flag

        Actually, according to CEFConnect, EWP has scored a 3 year annualized return of 6.47% as of 9/28, whereas the 3 year annualized return of RWR is only 1.75% as of 8/31. I can't find the RWR return as of 9/28 but given that it has fallen about 10% over the past month AWP has a much better return over that period.

      • jshasky Sep 29, 2011 1:44 PM Flag

        I guess it is how much you can buy and expect on dividends. AWP goes for about $5.50. while RWR goes for about $55.00 & RWX goes for about $35.00. If you only have so much money to invest you can but more shares of the lesser priced AWP. You can have more shares and generate more monthly dividends and hopefully wait for the market to up the NAV and have a double benefit.

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