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  • bluebuick2003 bluebuick2003 Feb 2, 2012 3:31 AM Flag

    Why so much consternation?

    isn't there is a difference between a mgr’s ability to generate decent returns and your ability to buy a managed fund at attractive prices ? Said another way, did you make the money with a buy(s) at the bottom or did they make the money with great stock picks ? When you make a good buy and the fund mgr performance is not all that great, it can feel like the mgr made the money for you. But in reality it was your timing on the buy that made the money. It is also possible that you made a good buy and the mgr made great picks, call it a double win. And of course there is the dreaded double loss, where you buy high and the mgr has a poor stock picks.

    in this case, i think you two made the money, i'm not sure i'd credit AWP. a better way to judge AWP is check out there 12/31/11 fact sheet and see the performance for 2011. it is not good.

    but i can see we have two people here who know when to buy. are you buying anything now ? i'm looking for new real estate plays with my RWR money. i hated to sell RWR but i had a good gain over the last 12 months and had to hit the sell button. never easy to sell a winner. will buy into IYR on dips (if they come.....).

    i own PCL and i think it is lagging the other RE plays right now. so i think i'm going to start adding more there. just reported earnings, poor 2012 outlook but i'm willing to hold/add and collect the div well into 2013. and i am adding AHT and RWX as mentioned earlier.

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