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  • patroutman patroutman May 30, 2012 3:54 PM Flag

    Tender is creative, but how about just do your jobs...

    It would be great if they could just make the NAV increase by going what they are supposed to be doing, vs. having to come up with creative methods like the Tender Offer.
    I really like Alpine when they launched both AOD and AWP, but they sure made a mess of them.
    They had some talented folks working there. It is sad that they can't organically get these funds to outperform the markets.

    I still like this fund, but have become somewhat suspect of what this tender offer is going to do for longs.

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    • They're not doing this as a gimmick to increase NAV. They're doing it because they've been pressured by Arthur D. Lipson's Western Investment LLC, who's one of their largest shareholders and is looking to close the price-to-NAV gap and unlock shareholder value.
      I've been following them for a while, Western is a very active shareholder activist in the CEF space. Buying whatever they buy seems to be a good strategy. Philip Goldstein's Bulldog Investors is another one.

    • It's not going to do anything for longs. I'm gonna sit right here on my shares and wait. People who sell now at a loss will have nothing. My broker called, said I should sell. I'm like..........Why? so I can loose money again? Nah I'll wait and ride it to the bottom if need be. Can't really blame the company. Maybe they just want the shares on the cheap and then they will run the stock up again.

      I've got time. I'll wait. So AWP boys and girls get off your collective duffies and get this stock moving up!!!

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