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  • storagelh storagelh Nov 4, 2010 2:44 PM Flag

    Lesson learned

    For the 20th time ! I fought the fed, and the Fed Won ! Was shorting the dow and got creamed ! Is this what we have come to ? The fed comes out and says its going to run up equities so people will feel wealthy and spend $$$. Sad situation, that the markets have come to this even though they have been manipulated by the fed for as long as I remember this is the most blatant case I can recall .

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    • Since when has the fed done a good job ? They oversaw one of the greatest destructions of wealth, the housing collapse, ever in American history, as Americans everywhere have been affected, all the while Ben sits back and does nothing but bail out the people that got us into the mess. Now since rd 1 didn't have an effect,he decides to give the big banks more $$$ , destroy the $, but everything is ok as long as the stock market goes up. Bernanke has proved nothing, and only time will tell if he goes down as the biggest idiot in the history of the reserve.

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      • The difference between you and me, or between the losers and winners in this market, is that, among many things, winners moved on from the senseless political debate.

        I'm a trader/investor, and I don't dwell on the political messes, for which anyone of the policy makers of the past may be blamed. To me, the blame game is a waste of time.

        History will focus on those who are capable of fixing the problems, and so will I.

        I simply shared a view point. And this will be the last post from me on the subject.

    • Why don't you admit that you're biased toward the Fed and you're wrong?

      For most of the smart money players, even tho at times they failed to understand what the Fed was doing at the abyss of the financial crisis in 2008-2009, they eventually all agreed that the Fed did a great job - with QE1.

      You really need to study Big Ben's deep background works in his early years, and his extensive studies of the 20 years of Japanese economic struggles and failures.

      What Bernanke has been doing is something nobody has done before - fighting deflation by boosting the values of all asset classes, and he is succeeding - stocks have been going up as he expected.

      The short-sighted would argue about hyperinflation would be the result. Well, if that would be the case, Big Ben will become the greatest central banker ever lived.

      At this point, the greatest fear of the smartest money players is deflation in the years ahead for the US - Japan did show the way to its 20-years of miseries.

      Big Ben is doing everything to prevent the US from taking the rout of Japan.

      You know, a narrow mind is your own fault, and yours only. Stop blaming Big Ben, who will become the ultimate American hero in recent history, when he finally succeeds.

      I believe that every American, and her friends, shall pray and hope Big Ben succeed in his greatest mission - we want to see, in the years ahead, the USA to stand up from the greatest financial mess.

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