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  • dr_ooopha dr_ooopha Oct 12, 2013 9:28 AM Flag

    Major positive Barron's article on KLIC today

    Says it has 50% upside, dominant position in market and an activist's dream!!!!

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    • Beat me to the punch.

      Yes, a full page article in Barrons discussing how it's the kind of value stock that Ben Graham would like.

      Well, I am a value investor and that's why I own it. I also believe if you shrewdly pick growth stocks they also can be winners. My main growth stock is Infinera, which I believe has a prospect of huge growth due to its having the best technology for large-bandwidth fiber-optic data transmission networks.

      But mostly I go with value, and that fits KLIC to a t. One can argue whether it's a tech stock or an industrial machinery stock. Either way, the numbers are compelling.

    • Just say that.

      It's a report that requires a fee.

      Appreciate the summary.

      I've never seen much in Barrons of value. And sold some common last week. But still have lots of common and calls.

      Glad I hadn't rewritten covered calls yet. But if we get a heck of a bounce I likely will next week.

      Conspiracy folks. Kinda heavy trading in OCT(19th expiry) 12.00 call options friday.

      429 traded and 3,088 had been open. That's almost 14% of the contracts that had been open in a day and AFTER klic had broken thru 12.

      Actually I don't know of a good site to show option volume historically by day. But I usually do save snapshots of friday and other days if I notice high volume.

      If the gov't gets a temporary deal done and we get a bounce from this next week could get very interesting.

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      • You're shootin from the hip Dave. First, this is not a fee requiriing article. Cut and paste the headline and do a google search. Google and Barron's agreement allow you to read entire article so long as you search it up using Google. I read the entire article, authored, BTW, by a senior and widely published editor of Barron's, Financial Weekly and Dow Jones. This is an accurate and very good article irrespective of "conspiracy" theories.

        Dave, after reading the article, you should know it states many of the same things I've been pointing out on this board, fundamentally speaking, going back to 2010. During that time the share price has gone from $5 to now 12. A good case remains for 50% upside even with mediocre performance. And while I know you disagree, I and many others agree with the author that Kulicke is ripe for an activist investor that will demand more returns to the shareholder.

      • I don't know how that stuff works, I just get the paper edition of Barrons. Got an introductory subscription dirt cheap. If I have to pay a lot more when renewal comes up I will have to think twice. I feel like I get a lot of useful perspective on the economy from Barrons but I generally don't find their stock picks very enlightening. Usually what they recommend are stocks that have already gone up a bunch. And the ones they pick probably do often have more upside but the gutsy thing would have been for them to recommend those stocks when they were in the tank.

      • There's no fee---that is not true. The article typically leaks a bit and so it explains the option activity and share run up Thurs and Fri

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