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  • gallery_pup gallery_pup Apr 3, 2011 7:35 PM Flag

    I must have missed something

    Doesn't sound like you missed anything, other than there not being any brokerage sponsorship for the shares yet. That will come, once there is a decent float. Even at the $62-67 million guidance, on 45mil shares it isn't too shabby at all. Galaxy is a big bonus.

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    • I listened to the conference call. Didn't know if they were going to take up the Galaxy on their invitation but it sure sounds like they are. I agree with drjack that it could push earnings over $2. It makes no sense for the stock to be down here. It is worth $15-20.

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      • You are right. Why is is down here? Simple - people are freaked out and are including all Chinese companies in the sell off based on their fears about bogus reporting. I understand their fears, but it is misplaced when applies to this company for the simple reason that there is verification of the results from outside parties - the casinos - large trusted publicly traded companies.

        There are many companies that you should worry about - this is not one of them.