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  • toast22342000 toast22342000 Oct 8, 2011 1:53 PM Flag

    IMO this is the Holy Grail

    I know I have been pounding the table on the comments made by LVS executives at the gaming conference they spoke at last Monday. Sorry if I am being obnoxious but for those of you who are still nervous about AERL I want to you read something.

    To put this in context it is an answer to a question in which the LVS officials are explaining their go forward strategy of working with junkets, something they say they have neglected in the past.

    "Our goal has been.....on the junket to find quality partners...we picked.....our goal has been to pick 4 or 5 top, top reps to work with who have put up a lot of money in front of our money and frankly true up every 30 days."

    Why is this the Holy Grail? Because in one, albeit long, sentence they not only confirm that the junkets LVS works with were picked because they could put up a lot of their own money (LVS has a lot of junkets to choose from but picked AERL which is verification that AERL has the cash they say they do), but also state that every month the accounts are "trued up" (or in other words everyone gets paid their share of the earnings).

    That is independent confirmation of AERL's cash and of the monthly accounting of the profits they are making.

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    • A person can hear something and completely miss the implications. Or be told what the implications are and still not accept them. There will be people that will listen to your link and still not be convinced. For those people I would suggest nothing will convince them. Nothing but a $30 stock price.

      All things taken together I think this represents as close to absolute certainty as we are going to get. Everything they have said fits together seamlessly. AERL's is the most under appreciated story I have found in 23 years of investing.

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      • The fraud issue does seem close to nonsensical. These are gambling folks. They know BS when they see it (from a mile away). Also Macau is not China. Rules are different. The reason AERL is down is because of the whole Chinese situation and the macro market situation. No one wants to hold anything risking while the crash occurs. This to shall pass. GLTA