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  • marketmaker79 marketmaker79 Mar 4, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    LOL business down over 30% month after month, lags all of Macau

    Where are the blowhards that want to try to say AERL's business is only down 9%?

    They will keep getting it handed to them till they understand what is happening here. AERL's gross underperformance of not only Gross gaming revenue, but most importantly VIP, is not going to be tolerated month after month much longer. Bain can only spin and cover for them for so long.

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    • Please marketmaker stop your incessant posting of the truth. You continuously upset the longs here who can give you a hundred reasons for this "gem's" non-performance. Actually, I imagine February's abysmal report should 'inspire' Dunce Bain to raise his PT once again..Maybe $25 ? The companys' brilliant plan to keep tightening credit doesn't quite compute..Based on management's pathetic rationalizations month after horrid month, in order to keep preserving its limited capital, the company should stop extending credit altogether !!

    • Their investing in AERL genious. Good luck with your continual bashing. My question is, why are you so adamantly petty and negative with every iteration of this stock. You obviously are not long and you if you are short you must really be scared. There is no other explanation that I can see, because you are so petty and mean with your comments and analysis. Maybe your just 12 years old. Either way, your wasting your time. Real investors are loving the dividend and adding to position on weakness.

      You are the type of poster that never really posts anything of substantial data pro or con. Just a imature basher. My recommendation is go to Bank America and get a passbook account. Oh, take your tin foil hat with you.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • LOL you are sooooooooo out of touch with AERL managements focus that is gaining more EPS with lower capital risk.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy