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  • buzzer551137e buzzer551137e Nov 8, 2013 8:37 PM Flag

    bailed on CRRS

    I may regret this move, but I don't see this thing taking off like some have suggested. This little pop at the close even leaves me skeptical. I can see the bid/ask is below where it was during the trading day. Anyway, this isn't acting like anything anyone's interested in and there was an earlier post talking about how 90% of CRRSs revenues go directly to another entity, so many issues make me wonder about this company. Check out the balance sheet on Yahoo. Big time debt here, as well. Jason Bond did an article on SA touting this stock, but I was more interested in the second comment in response to his accolades. Check it out and GL to all who are holding. I cut my losses and am moving on.

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    • Jason Bond is one of the best traders out there. He has a proven track record. I feel that come Thursday morning his prediction on this stock will pay off for those who also saw the writing on the wall. I am long on CRRS and will hold through earnings. I am predicting a $5.00 per share value come Thursday

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      • Indeed his is...I'm one of his subscribers. I may regret bailing on this come next week, but with this insanely low volume, I just don't see the interest from the street. I was also reading the 2 comments on his SA article and the second comment raised big concerns about the validity of CRRS. Here's the comment:

        I've never seen anything like this. I looked through the filings and this thing has warning signs all over it. The CEO of CRRS also works for TSE, its largest vendor. Both companies are located at the same address. The owner of TSE also owns 90% of CRRS, and CRRS pays TSE 90+% of TOTAL revenue. Margins have been declining even as CRRS has been buying more subsidiaries from TSE in all-stock transactions to show growth. Shares have grown as fast as sales? Trading at 8x EV/Gross profit when the staffing industry trades at 2.5? Did you not think these items were worth mentioning in your article?

        Jason didn't find the time to respond to this comment. I would be interested in what he would have to say. Also, just 2 comments on an SA article...who cares about this company. Not many, it seems. Having said all of this...the always...will be in the pudding. GL

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