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  • tommysa007 tommysa007 Oct 12, 2003 10:47 PM Flag


    Want a home run, try FNVG. It is 77 cents and could go to 2.50 by the same end of year you are talking about.

    2.50 would give you a 300% profit, just look at the low this year of .06 cents and on Friday it closed at 77 cents.

    Look at Yahoo Financials.

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    • Get lost??? What a lovely sentiment for this time of year. I won't post here anymore. You happy now?

    • Get lost and go to FNGV board or at least somewhere else

    • I don't mean to be rude, but is there not another board you could use for this conversation?

    • FNVG is going to be a surprise
      to all when it goes over 1.00 per share
      soon. There is always the possibility
      that within 1 year it could reach 5.00
      per share....
      Thanks for posting your dealings....
      Keep an eye on Sun Microsystems (SUNW)...
      It closed today at 4.54.... Something
      like an announcement or some other
      News seems to be in the making..... The stock
      is almost ready to POP.....

    • I just bought some more FNVG at $.625. Maybe I can make some money while I'm waiting for it to go up to the price I paid for the others???

    • Good to see you are keeping up
      with this one.
      JUST for your information,
      keep your eye on Sun Microsystems
      SUNW, something is going on with
      this one....
      Tell me if you see the same thing....

    • FNVG update:

      At 3.30 P.M. FNVG is now trading at
      .86 cents up .11 cents.
      Some real interest in this stock.
      Keep your eye on the ball.
      Up, Up, and Away.

    • paulawhicks:

      FNVG is up another .06 cents again
      today to .81 cents at 3:00 P.M.
      Just a first trip to 7.00, per share.
      Post to this board if you are still in.
      Ride the move. Good luck.

    • paulawhicks:

      Just a reminder that FNVG closed
      at .75 cents up .06 cents for the
      Looking good at this point.

    • tommysa007:
      Tell me a little more about this stock. I'm interested. Why do you think it will go up in price?

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      • TQNT is a gogo chip stock. Was $100 plus in the dumb days, fell to the low $2s and now is a bargain??

        Chip stocks are cyclicals and should be priced as such, not as growth.

      • Paula:

        I started researching limted master pardnerships and looking for those that I felt would show the best return in dividens and price increase. I looked at several and chose SPH. To list all the reason I chose SPH over others would take pages. I bought 500 shares of SPH at approx: $26.00. I like that 80% of the dividend is tax free, that the company pays about an 8% ( closer to 10% when taking the tax benifits into account )divident and the company is in utilities. Propane. If we have a cold winter as the natioal weather Service is saying, then all energy stock will climb some what. Propane is used of course manily in home heating. People will let the car payment slide, other bills go as well, but they are going to keep warm. I look for a small pull back when dividend are paid and then resume the steady slow climb towards $35.00. When I buy a stock I always have a target, goal if you will, in mind. I chose $35.00 for SPH and feel that it will hit this amount before the years end. If and when it does hit $35.00, and depending on the market in general and the weather I just might cash in with a nine point gain in less than 6 months. Go back and look at the charts, the slow steady climb and the drops after dividends are paid. The stock dropped very little on the last dividend payment. I got in around a day or so after.

      • paulawhicks:

        FNVG was once a HIGH FLYING
        stock on the NYSE and paid a
        On the NYSE the stock reached
        65.00 per share.....
        It went down and down and down
        until it reached 06 cents.....
        It took 4 years to go down to 06 cents...
        From 06 cents it took about 6 months
        to rebound all the way to 98 cents.....
        Stock trades at 70 cents today....
        10,000 shares would cost you $7,000...
        This stock could go up to $7.00, it
        would be a real TURN-AROUND with good
        earnings due out 3Q. soon and 4Q. by
        mid to late Feb. 2004.....
        At $7.00 it will be $70,000.....
        Could you do it with Dell, or GE, or
        Do your DD before you get in.....
        GOOD LUCK......

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