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  • earlyoutpress earlyoutpress Feb 19, 2011 12:10 AM Flag

    Price Gouging-any one else interested?

    Yes, that is their method. It happened to me over 14 years ago. I gave up with them as my propane supplier. Then I decided that as a stockholder, more power to them. Buy stock in companies that gouge. The best way to get even is to an owner of the company. A good stock picking technique is to buy stock in any company that you feel is charging you too much. Don't get mad, get even, become a cruel owner of the company.

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    • This company leaves little to be desired. I just bought a house with 2 propane fireplaces and a propane stove. The previous owners used SP and the tanks were SP's. SP did leave the tanks hooked up for home inspection and left them here for me to use for a week after settlement.

      SP's price was one of the highest of all the suppliers I called. Also they would not offer a tank for purchase.

      If I signed up with them they would charge me above market price and fill the tanks every 4-6 weeks. If I decided to go to another supplier after I signed with them they would charge me a $1.00 per gallon restocking fee. Horse crap I say and bought my own tank from one guy and filled with the gas from the cheapest company I could find.

      So there were 2 tanks owned by SP and filled with SP gas sitting in my driveway for 2 months now. Last night we get 6 inches of snow and today is the day they decide to pick up the tanks. The drive way they were sitting in is steep and long and snow covered so they drag them both through my landscaping destroying bushes, downspouts and landscaping timbers. Efn Buttcakes!!!!!!!!!!!! I called but it was after 5. Mr. or Mrs. Manager you will be getting an earful tomorrow!!!!!!!

      Sentiment: Total Jerks!

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