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  • THEWANGMAN THEWANGMAN Sep 16, 2010 12:20 AM Flag

    Nasty article

    Excuse me, what kind of response is that? Why would you hope that that I unload my stock and why would you question if I had any? I've been buying SPH for over 11 years, I buy more every distribution and I'm sure that I have quite a bit more than you do. I posted a news article about SPH that may be of interest to other shareholders and you question my position. Why? Are you just another message board fool that makes assumptions without knowing the facts? I certainly hope you don't make your investment decisions as blindly....

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    • live in Vermont. Pre paid for 1500 gallons from Suburban at $1.79 a gallon last year. This August I did the same thing for 800 gallons at $1.99. I am not doubting the truth of the article, but this is certainly not a problem through out the service area of the company.

      In Vermont we have a very competitive propane market. I do not understand how the people quoted in the article did not check with other suppliers.

      I am also a SPH stock holder. I do not understand a law suit that challeges pricing on an unregulated product. Finally, one can usually make a deal with a competitive supplier that will deal with the issue of tank switching.

      None of this seems like a sufficient reason to dump the stock.


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