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  • nadsmis nadsmis Aug 8, 2012 5:34 PM Flag

    dodge the SPH bullet...

    well, i always feel good when i dodge a bullet. i checked in to see if my move in liquidating SPH was the right move. based on this week's performance, it was indeed. below is my posting from 7-30. as i did, i advise you to jump ship before the bow goes under. my switch to BP has paid off handsomely and am in line now for their dividends this week. also sold HL and went with COP. another good move that i am sharing. go ahead, make your move...

    Subject; Re: Taking a Position in Inergy
    30-Jul-12 03:46 pm
    i dumped all SPH at 43.61 PPS. with SPH grossly underperforming a recovering DJI, and with PE now at 33.8, i got out. i don't think they can long continue to support the dividend rate with that PE. simply tells me the PPS is too high. if they pull back on dividends, share value drops and so we have capital losses as well as a lower yield. not waiting around for that. would rather that money increase its value in other holdings. don't want to suffer "cost of lost opportunity" as well. i will recover what i lost in SPH. took a 7.13% hit. that is significant. will use loss to help offset gains with other holdings when Uncle Sam puts out the hand. gla

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    • I'd bet 99.9% of the short posters wouldn't know how to short a stock & if they did they would not be able to because they have no $$$. I appreciate anyones views on the stock good or bad. The disregard for capitalization when forming sentences does count.

    • If I implied that you were a short player, It was not. I said you SOUND like....My wording was misleading.

      A lot of propane companies are new expanding and looking for new areas of sales. One of the more lucrative is an alternate to gasoline for trucks and buses. Propane has the advantage over NG because it's portable in small containers.

      If you think about it propane and NG are at historic low prices now as compared to oil. Also, they are cleaner burning and in demand in populated areas. Therefore the long term prospects are bright.

      SPH buying out the NRGY retail operations and doubling in size stands to benefit.

    • I never understood the short thing on the boards. I never understood the accusations either. O.k. I'll admit... someone pays me 500.00 a day to post messages on the GMCR board alerting everyone to GET OUT KNOW!!! :)

    • the above message was for 135ok, not contractor.

    • you are completely wrong. i never play short. you want to twist the facts, do so. again, you believe what you want to believe despite facts, data, et al. just because others differ with your opinion, do not disregard, or discount that. never a good thing to do if you intend to play the market. you may be better off with bonds or mutual funds.

    • No one can manipulate a stock via these bulletin boards.
      the shorts are always out. Its a hobby.
      You really think that many investors read this stuff?
      No.No.No. Bulletin board stocks in chat rooms maybe but not on Yahoo msg boards..Most of the BB posts aren't eveb stock related its politics and nonsence. Lots of people with time on there hands.

    • Just bought 100 more at 37.20. It promptly got knocked down to 37.05 immediately after. I do like the track record of increasing dividends especially going into increasing seasonal demand.

    • I hear you. Its a hit on huge volume. But look at institutional ownership. Its not there.
      The last move from 47 to 34 was slower than what we're seeing now but faster than I wanted. Up to 45 was fast and now 45 was a gift horse. It sure ain';t good to see a secondary offering. As for the market performance same deal last time up or down it didn't move with the market. Just speculation.. If they're upping their distribution on completion and never in its history has it missed one I'm hoping its another one of things we'll never know. It's not a 3 dollar stock yielding 9%.

    • Guess I did not make my point very well. Today's trading should illustrate. Look at the volume. Over 40 times average daily trading. SPH underperformed the market as PPS dropped again. This simply must tell you, despite what you want to believe, institutional buyers or big players are exiting. Not saying SPH is dead. But, SPH is definately not feeling too well and neither should stock holders. I went with what I had and I am glad I didn't hold. If nothing else, I could buy back in and conduct cost averaging. Also enjoy the near 10% - although I believe that will drop. Not unlike dozens of others. SPH is NOT immune despite the beta. Hope it reverses its trend.

    • Should have done more research before I bought SPH shares. I got in at 42.09 on 7/27/12.(ouch) I noticed the price never fully recovered from last years drop around the same time. It may be ok over time, but I hate falling into a dividend trap, and hoping dividends will surpass losses.

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