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  • paynesgrey_2000 paynesgrey_2000 Mar 25, 2002 10:49 AM Flag

    A year since any Directers purchased...

    Ok, if RS is being run so well, why can't they keep it above 30 bucks for more than 3 hours?

    Why hasn't anybody on the board purchased any? They've sold plenty, but not purchased a bit since May of 01.

    Too many quick-blip scams and "Brilliant" Dilbert-esque ideas (MSN Highspeed, Sprint Long Distance, Cue Cats, Jewel Concerts) while pay is cut and general employee turnover accelerated, leaving many stores staffed with a never ending chain of temporary, know nothing children. Now they are spending money to send a boy band twit to orbit. Perhaps they can re-label all that leftover Jewel Popcorn and try to use it as a marketting event. Maybe if they didn't spend so much time nickel and diming employees to death, instead paying them what they are worth, and looked at senior managers as experienced assets rather than vacation pay sucking liabilities, the company could do better.

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    • And what test equipment would you use to quantify what technical specs ?

      It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you
      that your head has already landed in your moon.

      Your a bunch of cell phone pimps and cell phone whores..

    • Lost weight HUH

      you .. you cellphone #$%$

    • your an idiot

      gold doesn't reduce rfi huh?

      larsen plates their transmitting antennas with gold

      it doesnt corrode kkkkkk

      imagine a dentist pounding aluminum into your tooth cavities

    • Badly worded and mis-spelled, but to the point gluboy. Bravo. See Mikey, you have made a new ffiend.

    • you shmuk why dont you go back and see what the real issue is one sentence of a post I made has been the topic for you for 3 days it had nothing to do with what I was talking about. mike get a job get a life or just jump you worthless clueless twirp.
      you know mike you got some tech knowledge or at least the words but your not very bright maybe some night classes. may I suggest clue 101 It may help and take your gay lover sucksboy with you actually I really hope your not gay, gay people dont need your kind around.

    • you know how beavis sounds

      uuuuhhhh cooool

      you suuuuk

      who cares how employable i am
      why dont you address the issues ?

    • rember those bose systems
      what 601 or whatever
      people still want those fixed and bose ahs a rate 500 bucks where thay will redo all the speakers

      i think thats cool that someone wants to listen to a bunch of 8 ohm widerange speakers all at once

    • gluboy, I'm not trying to bash you, I'm merely attempting to educate you so you will come out of your "Bose bubble" and have the opportunity to hear how well reproduced music can actually sound. You'll thank me for it if you ever come out, that I promise you.

      Let's use a different example besides food, let's try guitars. I admittedly know little to nothing about guitars as I'm into music reproduction not music production. For this example let's pretend that YOU are the guitar expert. You live & breath guitars, you know more about guitars than the average American knows about anything. You've used and played all the finest guitars that have come along in the past 25 years, you know everything there is to know about guitars. You are a true guitar expert!

      Now let's say one day a company comes along, we'll call them "Bose-O Guitars" for the sake of argument. As soon as this new guitar comes out you rush out to give one I try. Immediately after you lay your hands on the Bose-O guitar you realize it's the poorest most cheaply constructed excuse for a guitar you have ever had the displeasure of holding in your hands. Everything about it is completely wrong. It's made out of particle board held together with Elmers glue and instead of guitar strings in has fishing line. Every possible corner has been cut to make this guitar. You attempt to play it and the sound coming from it is just awful, the worst guitar you've ever heard in you life.

      Then you look at the price tag and you see they are attempting to sell this guitar for $1000+. You immediately recognize the scam because after all you are the guitar expert and you know that a half-ass guitar can be bought for $1000. Then you start seeing ads everywhere for Bose-O guitars claiming that "they are the most respected name in guitars". With "patented technology". Like they have to patent particle board, no other company in their right mind would even think of making a guitar out of particle board but Bose-O does.

      Bose-O guitars are nothing but a scam aimed at people who are purchasing their first guitar and don't know any better. They stay in business by spending millions of dollar on marketing, telling how superior their product is.

      This my friend is why you see so much "Bose Bashing", people in the audio world are outraged about what Bose is doing. You made a comment that their product was amazing. The only thing amazing about their product is the fact that they get away with selling them for such ludicrous prices.

      Once again, I STRONGLY URGE you to go to a high-end audio store, one that specializes in nothing but high-end audio and audition some systems. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you hear and totally blown away. The difference is not subtle.

      Here's some pics of some real audio gear

    • I suppose if you are not posting about me, then your posts can be kind of funny. Good thing you have finally seen the light about Mikey. And he is actually sucksboy as well. Just compare the style of the two "seperate" posters. They are the same, or else they live together.

    • mikey you actually post negative against me I understand if people dont feel the same way as I do about bose thats fine I can ignore sucks boy because he sold his integrety down the line he is of no consequence but I have stuck up for your right to be a little #$%$ on this board for 9 months.
      Im dissapointed in you I really thought you had class but where just angry now I figure out you have no class but I guess you aint got no job either so it doesnt matter no one cares about the unemployed very much and your tech talk will not get you laid so no matter what you think Im guessing youll be the geek hanging out in radio shacks till the day you die talking about the good ol days and for your info those people their dont like you either.
      shouldnt have screwed with me mike you arent respected on this board enuff to look for enemies at this point why dont you just post a list of everything that you think sucks print it out stick it up your pathetic twirp arse and walk on down the line of that overmastebetorial pathetic thing you call a life straight off a cliff not like it matters radio shack dont like you many of us dont like you and im guessing not many other people like you... jump mikey jump.

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