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  • timberlandko timberlandko Nov 2, 2002 12:13 AM Flag

    Corporate fraud

    Originally Posted By: rsanonymous

    " ... that you should not look to Timber to back you up as he always states known facts."

    I appreciate very much your recognition in this regard. That with which I take issue is the direction in which RS has been, in my opinion, (mis)guided. I believe firmly the company is uniquely positioned to once again assume the mantle of America's Leading Consumer Electronics Retailer. All it needs to do to accomplish this is provide desireable product in adequate quantity at attractive prices, supported with imaginative and effective promotion, in a consistent, freindly, relaxed, informative retail setting, while providing its employees real job security, pride of accomplishment, encouragement and recognition of individual initiative as opposed to micromanagement, competitive wages, meaningful benefits, reasonable sheduling, and a clearly defined, purely merit-based advancement ladder. It is my opinion that until such is done, not merely paid lip-service, RS will continue to languish and decline.