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  • Eastern $$$ made the big T happen, look at the history. Since Iam an American, and #$%$ proud to be one, I raise my flag, theAMERICAN STARS AND STRIPES high....the hell with my state. We are called the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. When abroad I say Iam an AMERICAN. When your state realizes that they are part of this great union of ours, humbles itself by lowering its state flag, as the rest of the 49'rs, I will tip my hat to you, and let the world know that the UNITED STATES is made up of many different folks, that contribute to what our great country stands for, the Bill of Rights, Constitution, etc.,I will never vist Texas until it lowers its state flag, and flies the Stars and Stripes high and proud, the way its meant to be!

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    • No need for the tounge wagging.
      Earnings are going to be good, stock future looks good.
      let it go up another 10 15 points before it splits again,
      just hang in there... and smile all the way to the bank. ;)

    • Have you noticed that this board is dead? You must think a whole lot of yourself - your tone is arrogant and annoying!

      Earnings are coming out in the next few days so we'll see if you're right. If you're not, then SHUT THE FUCK UP, OK?

    • Anybody notice that the loudmouthed gems386 hasn't responded yet? Wanna know why? Because he knows that I'm right on just about everything I said.

    • I think you said it quite well! Most of the gloom predictions made have been proved wrong already.

    • You tell'm like it is!!!

    • I hope someday you learn what you are talking about (and also how to type). Once you do you will stop running your fingers and making a fool of yourself. You sound to me like a disgruntled former employee, probably fired for doing something stupid.

      You will not see the severe drop in stock prices or sales you are predicting. In April you will probably see the third out of four months with double digit comp sales gains from R.S. Yes I said d.d. sales gains. Tan always goes up in value in summer and peaks around July, check previous years.

      CPU outlook will have little or no effect on Tan. C.C. will soon be gone and R.S. does too little biz in computers to be affected by lower prices. Prices are half of what they were a year ago and no sales losses to go with those price drops. Hmmmm.....where are they? they don't exist.

      Also, R.S. has never claimed to have the lowest prices and doesn't care that they don't. People don't shop there for prices.
      Good quality, friendly, and in most cases knowledable staff unlike what you get at Cicuit City and BBY are why people shop at R.S. Their customer base continues to grow month after month and you will not see sales slow until that slows.

      Dealer stores are shortly bought out by Tan, after owners build cust. base and sales, cheaper and more efficient than opening them as company owned stores.

      My perdiction...

      1. 50-100% over earning estimates for q1

      2. Double Digit comp from R.S. and + sales from C.C.

      3. - sales for Circuit City and BBY

      P.S. quit posting same things over and over in different words. Hearing your opinion once is too much

    • It would not surprise me that recent push was from the inside.
      Their Computer City did a 2% old sales gain...camparable sales.
      Not a good sign, as you well put, with the sector such as the leader CPU, and others are slashing estimates. I think this specific sector is in deep trouble. The market at 9000 or so?
      Where are we at, a bottom, top? How much more could one expect. A false wealth effect has been created here, that will hurt.

      Insiders selling? They know when to get out, ahead of the crowd at high prices. The slower months are here, the March report
      already indiacted that. On a sidenote a T-Bill is paying about
      5.00%, and the long 30 Year bond at 5.85 or so. A T-Bill is a very short term U.S. obligation, btw. Not a good sign...There is
      a very large issue on the Nasdaq topping out, many shares, the entire world owns some. When that one cracks one won't have time to yell fire, fast enough...

    • It's just lovely that the stock is near its all-time-high again, but I keep wondering how they manage to convince all the
      current holders of TAN to keep their shares in the face of all the problems reported by CPU and MOT and CPQ. From their last
      official filing it looks like TAN has a heavy buyer of its own stock (share repurchase) - I suspect they helped push it up from 30 to
      45 over the past couple of months in their attempt to improve the bottom line. I didn't realize they had that much cash to play

      Their insiders have been substantially reducing their holdings over the past couple of months - not a sign of good faith in the company's long term future or current price levels..


    • Please do not come to Texas. Your kind is not wanted here. We only want true good and honest people. By reading through your previous posts, I can see that the IQ of the entire state would drop 10 points if we had to include you in the avg. If you truly love your country, learn it's history! Your worship of the flag just proves my point. BTW, just who elected you spokesperson for the 49'ers as you call them?
      You obviously use this BB for your own sad pathetic attempt at self-appreciation.
      Get wise! The only one that finds you clever is you.
      Good luck and Farewell,
      God Bless America!

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