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  • dmc12mcfly dmc12mcfly May 14, 2007 12:13 PM Flag

    we're going back to $32 today

    with momentum in past .. and shorts covering...this is the grind up that usually happens sorry to say. shorts we have to be prepared for $35, $38, $40.

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    • Rule of Thumb:

      When the masses expect a buyout, it almost never happens

      These Private Equity guys are not dummies. They are looking for value and they are not gonna get it when everybody and their mother jumps in on a stock ahead of them.

    • Day wants to prop up the stock for another 9 days. that's when the remaining 1/3 of his options vest. He has to hold the stock above $30 for 15 days. after that, a buyout at any level gets him paid, and allows him to move on.

    • End of the ride, shorted more today at $31.08.
      Looking for a fri. close of around $30 or lower.

      Fear has the upper hand, fundamentals eventually win.

      Walmart's taking on CC and BBY, wait till that hits the mainsteam media and their stocks tank.
      RSH will go with it.

    • There does seem to be a significant level of buy out speculation going on here. The retail sector in general has had a lot of such speculation over the past few months (e.g. Dress Barn, Dillard's, Gap, etc.), NONE of which have actually occurred.

      RSH's current valuation, its weak and declining competitive position and its lack of real estate assets make a buyout extremely unlikely.

      Further, why would a company be so busy buying back its stock if a buyout was going to occur? I'm sure Day's contract takes care of him in the event of a buyout. So why the big push to prop up the stock with company funds, particularly at this level when it costs the company so much to do so?!?! It's certainly NOT because a buyout is in the making. Rather it's because there ISN'T one .

    • Think today is a fake out. Nothing but mergers reported today. Tomorrow, CPI and other reports coming out. You may be right but I don't think so. Reason for fake out assumption, lack of news and volume.