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  • joltingjosephine joltingjosephine Jul 2, 2007 10:12 AM Flag

    When All Else Fails.... Try Fear....

    I could not agree more. Am I baffled by the rise in the price of RSH? Of course, but my short strategy has been to cover when the momentum is high, then re-short at a higher level, making a few short term gains along the way.
    Am I underwater on my short position as of now? Absolutely, but why would I panic, and cover now? The bad news will eventually come, even if it takes another quarter or two.
    The management did a good job of laying off people, and closing down some of the worst performing stores. But as you say, declining same store sales are probably the most important thing here. I heard some desperation type ads for the Shack over the weekend. Now tell me, why would I go to Radio Shack for a wireless phone? And sure, I will go there to purchase a high def T.V., even though BBY and Circuit City have better selection, prices and customer service...right.

    I am patient enough to hold out. I have even gone ahead and purchased some October puts on the cheap!