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  • retiredexaon retiredexaon Dec 5, 2011 4:55 PM Flag

    Radio Shack v. MicroCenter

    Just visited the Radio Shack in New City, NY to price out, possibly purchase, power converter and adapters for a trip to Israel later this month. $49.95 for the converter, $ 19.95 for a set of adapters.

    Microcenter in Paterson NJ - $ 19.95 for the adapters and the power converter.

    No brainer. I always know that Shack is more expensive, but at 1/4 the cost!!!

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    • eBay would've saved you even more

    • Evidently you did not ask either store's manager whether the item was mispriced. If you did ask, then presumably you would have said so. When a LARGE price difference exists (double or more), then a good chance exists that one or both items is mispriced. Recently I found a frozen apple pie (normal price = $6.50) marked at $3.50. I asked the store's manager about the price, and it was mispriced, but he gave it to me at the lower price since he said it was their error. They quickly corrected the error.

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      • This is the correct pricing on those 2 items. Has been for years. Total store cost on both combined is under $10. Perhaps if they weren't blatently ripping people off, customers wouldn't "abuse" the return privelige when they realize they bought $10 worth of crap (and the shacks travel adapters are just exactly that- crap) for $60. They get where they're going and realize that they could have bought the adapter locally in the foreign country for less than half and gotten better quality. Yes, then they bring it back.

    • Ace Hardware is nearly always more expensive than Lowe’s, but my local Ace Hardware store is near my home, and Lowe’s is not. Considering the time factor + gasoline, wear and tear on my car, etc.—not just the cost of the items I buy—it’s often cheaper for me to go to Ace Hardware.

    • This isn't really a fair comparison. RS is more akin to a 7-11 where you are paying for convenience. The vast majority of people in this country do not have Microcenters near them.

      Quick question. Are you planning on returning your purchase after your trip? I ask because a large percentage of our cheap a** customers do exactly that after having spent thousands on their vacation but deciding that RS prices were a rip off. Same thing with buying a phone charger because they forgot theirs while packing. The real winners are the Ghettro PC users who want us to charge their phones while they stand outside smoking and twitching because their dealer hasn't shown up yet.

      Part of the high costs at RS are due to the abusive people who expect us to rent them something for free and bring it back in a trashed condition demanding a full refund. I can't speak for Microcenters but another large super discounter is Frys which is well known for harassing people with returns and then just sticking an often broken product back on the shelf for the next sucker. We do not do that in our area.

      Have a good time on your trip and don't forget extra memory for your camera.

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      • Actually, it is quite a fair comparison. Let's talk about "convenience pricing". A gallon of milk is $2.38 today at Walmart. Would you pay $9.52 for a gallon at 7-11? That's 4x the big box price and exactly what the shack is trying to command for their "convenience" on this item.

      • I worked computer retail years ago, a MicroAge store in NJ and agree with your retail analysis. True, MicroCenter is a hard to find chain, perhaps purposely so. Their inventory turns have to be very high indeed to carry the amount of product they have. They do not really compete with Radio Shack, probably a better comparison is Best Buy but those stores are also huge.