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  • gerald_liard gerald_liard Feb 26, 2012 6:03 AM Flag

    Can't Even Go In Anymore

    Worst post(s) of the day award go to you.

    You're either an idiot.....or you're an inarticulate of the two. I also do NOT believe that a RSH employee told you that their headphones are junk and only last 6 months.

    Do you think that retailers should not attempt to plus sell? Do you think they should not offer extended warranties? Do you think they should not attempt to get your email address? Wal-mart does all or most of those things. Amazon does the same.

    Your points are affirmations that RSH actually still does have some good employees and some that understand retail.

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    • Really? Last time I went to walmart for a set of headphones, they were cheaper (I know you can't believe that) than RS for the same pair, I took them off the peg, went to the self-checkout, swiped my card and walked out the door. Nobody has ever asked me to buy a cell phone at walmart or wanted my email address.

      That RS employee was in fear for her job. That is the threat they are under. Pitch 3 things or get out. And yes, they must attach 50% service plans or they're fired. The "you're crazy" look was an act of desperation since she was probably only at 40% this month. When you have a work force that is constantly threatened to do things, not because they benefit the customer but because they benefit the company, you breed a culture that is full of people like this. They hate their job, and hate their company for forcing them to do these things that they themselves would despise if they encountered them while shopping for a simple set of headphones.

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      • Thank you Julian for posting the reality of this sale. It cannot be overstressed how much RS sales associates are repeatedly told throughout the day how they must reach certain numbers in order to keep their jobs. The are REQUIRED to ask a series of questions just like this employee did. In fact, she left at least two items out. She didn't offer to check the customer's phone account to see if he qualified for an upgrade nor did she ask for a donation to the Livestrong Foundation.

        Employees do not like this harassment any more than the customers and are well aware that it is both alienating people and destroying their hard work at earning trust. I do happen to know that buying a RSSP with headphones is a smart idea because a sizable percentage of them do in fact break. The sales associate was correct in what she said. As to the rest of the pitch, that was out of her control. Suppose you had been a Mystery Shopper. A poor score for a store is a major hit and if the employee can be identified they could easily be written up for failing to spend 20 minutes with a customer and describing 20 accessories, the different types of protection, why a new phone should be purchased, more accessories, more RSSPs, and so forth.

        I really don't think some of the people on this board complaining about the stores fully understand what is taking place. it is a micromanagement from middle and upper management with little to no retail experience coupled with a negative attitude towards both the store level employees and customers. The people devising these programs are numbers oriented as opposed to being people oriented.

      • At least they don't practically DEMAND your name and address anymore every time they sell you anything. Many years ago, back in the Tandy days, I was at an RS store in Tacoma WA buying some resistors, capacitors, etc. When the store clerk asked for my name and addy, I said, "I'm paying cash" yet he still wanted my name and addy, which I still refused to give him. At that point, he had the nerve to say he couldn't sell it to me, to which I replied, "Fine, so you'll give it to me, because you'll either take my cash right now or I'll walk out of the store and YOU can tell the cops AND your district manager that YOU refused to let me pay for it, IN CASH, at the marked retail price."

        The idiot decided to compromise and do things my way.

      • Could not disagree with you more. Every place that sells electronics sells service contracts - WAL-MART included. That is what staff are paid to do.

        Also, I never said that RSH was the same price as Amazon. There is a premium for convenience - much the same way 7-Eleven (a very profitable company) is priced much higher than a supermarket.