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  • syrianext syrianext Apr 24, 2012 1:50 PM Flag

    RSH generates $25,000,000 of free cash flow in Q1........

    and their cash position increased to $594,000,000!!! Going forward as they open more highly profitable stores in Mexico and as the 1000 store roll out start in S.E. asia this summer there will be some nice surprises to the bottom line and SP as well! As they are expanding in the profitable areas they will also trim back the older and less profitable stores that have been a drag on earnings! RSH has a bright future!!!

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    • f that was true then it would be a $50 stock.. Too bad your posting BS. Too bad you've lost 60% since the beginning of the year

    • Going to work in a few minutes but I just had to comment. Syria, you actually showed up here today and are still posting nonsense. Unreal.

      We are in the $5.30s today. Only a week or so ago it was in the $6.30s. Go back a few months and its was $7.30s. When you showed up here in November, 5 months ago, it was in the $11.30s. And all along you have been posting the same gibberish about what a great deal this stock is. How all the stores in your own area are packed with customers and the managers wear big smiles.

      At the same time those of us with first hand knowledge of actual in store conditions have been stating how bad things have become. Customer counts down and getting worse. Same with sales. Verizon phones not selling like we all expected. Employee moral getting worse and worse as middle and upper management blame THEIR failures on the stores.

      Syria, you remind me of someone in the current administration standing there telling people what a great turnaround has taken place due to their efforts. Just a little more time is needed. And we all listen wondering WTF. OK, I'm leaving and you can go play golf. Have a nice day.

    • Good point. Although I was disappointed with qtr, I think the company will eventually make it.

    • I can't believe my alter ego can be so smart. Off to play twiddly winks. See ya kids.