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  • blowout100 blowout100 Oct 2, 2012 8:38 PM Flag

    This business model is done.

    Day and pooch should be prosecuted for what they did the stock and the company! but if you have not see the precipitous drop over the last 7 years its your fault you lost money!

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    • Correction: This business model WAS done, like back in the late eighties or early nineties when the CB radio gasped its last breath. Who really needs a RADIO SHACK when you've got Amazon and Ebay?

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      • There is one major catalyst out there that nobody talks about. Internet sales tax. When, not if anymore, this law is passed at the federal level the playing field will become level very quickly. Once you add sales tax plus shipping to online orders they will not look so attractive. This is not to mention your eBay's and Amazon's will have to either raise their prices or accept lower margins to compensate additional overhead to keep track of the sales taxes collected / paid to the 50 states.

        You can bet that is why they took out that $100m loan. They know this is coming. All they need to do is hang on until after the law is passsed. The vote is currently scheduled after the election.

      • pbdomasky Oct 2, 2012 9:52 PM Flag

        No the business model is not done. The problem is that a perfectly good business model was corrupted by Len Roberts when he and the board decided that the highly profitable cash-cow business was not glamorous enough. Charles Tandy, John Roach and Bernie Appel knew that if you captured a product niche(antennas, phones, batteries) and cultivated repeat business, you could not fail regardless of what your competition did. Now here I sit with 95% of my stock equity gone and a 401k worth about a third of what it was when I left the company. It is difficult to believe that there has been such a litany of incompetence among highly compensated individuals and supposed visionaries.