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  • sync2l12 sync2l12 Oct 11, 2012 9:51 AM Flag

    Radio Shack in its final days abover $2.00 - Huge sell off before earnings

    The break below $2 is only a few days away...............October 23,2012 at the latest.

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    • All the yuck, yuck, yuck has been fun, but there is a part of me that grieves for a once great company conceived by a really shrewd guy, Charles Tandy. It's a damn shame that when he died, the place was taken over by guys who nothing of the business, got delusions of grandeur, and drove the company into the ground, one by one. Do you think Julian Day lost one minute of sleep making millions upon millions of dollars and stock options for leaving the stores dazed and confused, and the stock price almost exactly what it was when the fools gave him the keys,and fired all of his senior store managers who were the only ones left who knew how to run a Radio Shack. The answer, of course, is no. Not one minute of sleep did he lose. Hell, he could buy a baseball team for what he stole from the company, with their blessing. It's all way, way too bad. Already, thousands of managers are trying to hold onto their mortgages and feed their kids as Day flies around the world in his private jet. Do I take pleasure in the death of a company that gave me some of the most fun and gratifying days of my life? No. I don't. But the Japanese couldn't withstand two nuclear weapons being dropped on it either. A couple of days ago I walked into a store and asked if they had any pl-259 connectors in stock. He had no idea what I was talking about, manager wasn't there. But we have some really good deals on the new I-phone5. "Oh year? Got any in stock?: "Well no, but I can order it for you at no charge. Let me tell you about the service plans we offer on it" "I ran Radio Shacks for years, and actually, you told me all I needed to know." Sorry man. I wouldn't if I'd" " NO.NO. That's fine. You told me everything I needed to know. You really did."

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    • Yep!

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