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  • expansion11 expansion11 Oct 22, 2012 12:07 PM Flag

    The Company is Dead - Time for the Burial

    A really great company knows what it can do better than anyone else. They exploit fads and or trends – but stay laser focused on that one thing that makes them different. What makes RS different today? Nothing! They are trying to be the best at wireless and that is simply not possible. I bought my last phone at RS. A little over a year later, the carrier sent me an email saying that I could upgrade as a preferred customer and a few days later, I had a new IPhone. About six months later, I received a letter from RS telling me that I was eligible to upgrade? You can’t be the best in something when your partner is your competitor. So what was RS best at? At one time – Answers and solutions. You know, they could figure out things in the too hard to do box. You could walk into any store and say – I need to make this work and some geek would stare at a wall of wires and things – grab a bunch of stuff, bring it to the counter and figured things out. When other retailers were asked tough questions, they would say “I don’t know – try RadioShack”. Some will say they stopped that because you can get it cheaper online. Get what on line? Are you going to send a letter to Amazon saying, “Send me the stuff to make this work?” RadioShack lost its way when it started focusing on end products. They were the best at accessories and showing people like me how to make things work and/or work better. I don’t know if the typical customer is like me, but I sure bought a lot of end products with those solutions. In my opinion this company has gone from great to irrelevant

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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