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  • mykingobama mykingobama Nov 12, 2012 5:26 PM Flag

    This is a dumb co. their website is a joke too

    lmafo, where are all the emergency battery stuff at radio shack? It is as if the insiders wanted this to plummet.. lol.. i say investigation.. do not use corrupt judges though! New york eastern district are full of corrupted judges.. they too are worse themseles than the fraud bod inside traders! bottomline.. shareholders are victimized.. some try and get revenge by doing bad things to satisfy their anger but, it is all evil.

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    • To say they have lost their way is an understatment.

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      • By one vote, Supreme Court says Obama Care is constitutional. I can't get over that. How can it be? We buy medical insurance, manditory; except those companies that get an exemption by waiver, while others pay a tax penalty applied to income taxes? The Judge with the deciding vote goes to rest at Kenebunkport, and that's the last we hear. I can't get over it. What a mockery of justice for a political aganda. Re: RSH, glad it's happening, ex-employee.

    • the whole fed govt is corrupt...why else did both parties separately spend over $1 least the dem donkeys will recoup most of that cost through corruption, kickbacks, BK's and plain old skimming. Do you think when they send say $75 mil or $175 mil to a foreign country for whatever....disaster relief or whatever they don't TAKE a cut??

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      • gave you a thumbs up, yes they jump ship when we want to expose these evil doers..We need to change the rules as they have done so onto us. They incriminate us in our bedrooms but we are not to question these criminals. I honestly have it in my heart to see many at the top suffer just for entertainment.. like in the days of the roman empire when the people were entertained at the arena. There are very dirty prosecutors and judges today playing by their own rules causing much more harm and danger in our (lawless) society

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