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  • sync2l12 sync2l12 Nov 14, 2012 10:17 AM Flag

    I sure enjoy the newbies that invest in Radio Shack

    It was fun at 12 its still fun at 2 bucks. Back at 12 we had the bold posts about dividends and buybacks and buyouts. Now its that they have enough funds to continue a bit longer. In a nutshell no one will leave this rewarding short until the trend has been broken for at least 2 quarters. Radio Shack can double and most shorts will go nowhere. We have a intact downward trend 9 quarters and counting. Each and every Q worse than the previous. Until the trend goes away we stay adding on any suckers pops. This stock has slayed the wannabe investor who thought they caught the bottom out smarting the pros and investing fundamentals.. Sorry, just wont happen. You buy stocks like these on the way up when they stabilize. Problem is a company deep in debt operating on credit may not make it.